Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Mighty....Moped

Vance's new toy. He calls it a harley but it's really a moped. As you can see, the kids love it!

It even has flames!

Friday, August 29, 2008

101 things I love....

1. Colby and Emma
2. Emma and Colby (couldn't put one name first)
3. Vancie poo poo...ask me another day and see where he rates:)
4. Jenn and Lauren
5. Lauren and Jenn
6. my parents
7. my friends
8. my family
9. my co-workers
10. the first cool night after a hot summer
11. the first warm day after a cold winter
12. my new house!
13. my 10 year class reunion...seeing old friends
14. comfy clothes
15. clean sheets
16. animals...especially a loyal dog
17. smooth legs
18. the smell of something cooking
19. a clean kitchen
20. a clean house
21. a big hug from a child who is in trouble
22. a spring/fall rain
23. field trips
24. a clean car with a full tank of gas
25. fried chicken
26. mashed potatoes
27. white gravy
28. the above 3 cooked by my mom
29. great friends who cook my family supper
30. the day AFTER parent/teacher conferences
31. a feeling of accomplishment
32. FLIP FLOPS (can't believe it's so far down on my list)
33. a day of no mail
34. lazy, rainy days reading a book
35. great authors Karen Kingsbury, J.D. Robb
36. The Harry Potter Series
37. a frosty strawberry margarita
38. a romantic husband: who has just shaved, brushed his teeth, and smells yummy....not picky am I?
39. shiny hair
40. freshly painted toenails
41. clean windows
42. the smell of a clean baby
43. date night
44. going to the movies
45. getting presents
46. giving presents
47. surprising someone
48. getting unexpected mail
49. planning my kid's birthday parties
50. pampered chef
51. a snow day
52. HGTV
53. Army Wives
54. The Amazing Race
55. a good smutty book
56. a dress that makes me feel great
57. receiving a compliment from someone who really means it
58. a new haircut
59. having my hair washed/played with
60. a good kiss
61. sweet kids
62. recess!!!
63. Christmas
64. Halloween
65. shopping
66. bloggin
67. scrapping
68. cell phones
69. the feeling you have after you've had a baby: like you can conquer the world and everyone else thinks you can too!
70. when the kids go to grandma's
71. days spent with my family
72. watching my children become independent
73. hanging my clothes on the line
74. teaching
75. Christmas cards
76. stripes
77. feather pillows
78. country music
79. hot showers
80. hot tubs
81. airports
82. the ocean
83. The Rocky Mountains
84. NFL games
85. the first snow
86. a fire on a cool night
87. my new porch
88. creativity
89. cooking a good meal (I didn't say I like to clean up!)
90. sales!
91. fun jewelry
92. long fingernails
93. contacts
94. people who catch on quickly
95. singing at church
96. helping someone in need
97. ice cream
98. my computer (excuse me...our computer)
99. being outside
100. a fresh flower bouquet

Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Update

Here is a picture of our house with all the shingles on except a 17ft end cap on the top. They ran out and the lumberyard was out. I think it looks cool and can't wait to see the color with the siding and the porch all put together. Other than the roof, the guys have been doing things that take awhile, but don't look like much. They've put the back on both stairways and are putting in a stud wall on the north gable. I think the next step is to get OSB up on both gables and then to start wiring. The wiring is exciting, but a little overwhelming b/c I have to decide where to turn lights on and off and where to put plug ins. I've heard a lot of opinions from lots of people and I pay attention when at other's houses. For example, after being at Bree and Jared's we will put a light switch at the top of the stairs to turn off the lights in the basement:) huh?
Off the subject....our reunion is coming up on Saturday. At first, I wasn't too excited, but after seeing who is coming I am getting more and more excited every day. I will see a few friends I haven't seen in 10 years! I know, we're getting old.
One more thing...someone at school wore "shower shoes" to work and got away with it! You know, the ones with the one velcro strap, the little pointy things on the bottom, and they say adidas across the top. Yep, like I said shower shoes, sliders, slippers...whatever, it really TICKS ME OFF! Like those look better than my cute flip flops? I think not! P.S. Thanks Annette for pointing them out to me. If not, I would not have had to get my panties in a bunch!
Last thought....Vance got called out tonight:( I guess it won't matter if you call after 10, b/c I'll be alone, all alone, just me, and no one else, bummer.....and I shaved my legs and everything!

The Bestest Day in the Whole World!

Emma and I had a mommy/daughter date today. It was a lot of fun and a day I will remember for a long time. I love having a girl and having only 1 so it can be "special" time. I know God decides these things, so those of you that have just get even more special time. Vance and I try really hard to do things with just one child every now and then. It most often works out that it is him and Colby and me and Emma, but sometimes we mix things up. I love listening to Vance retell a day with Emma...she's quite the character.
Sooo....our day.

We left at 7 to be at the doctor at 9. Everything checked out good, so don't call after 10 tonight:) Then Emma and I started out at Toys R Us, because she just thought that sounded like a good idea. She bought a new Cinderella dress b/c her other one was so tattered that Cinderella wouldn't have worn it to clean in! After that, we headed to Old Navy. There Emma chose her Halloween costume, a butterfly. She hemed and hawed until she decided, but stated that it was a VERY hard decision. I also bought some new shirts. Then, on to Chuck E Cheese. We were one of three families there, the food was great and it was very calm. We played lots of games and then ate and then played some more. We were concentrating on a shooting game and a shadow came over us. It was Chuck E himself! Emma got to dance with him. It was great, although she said his hand was smooshy!

This horse was really neat. You could make it go fast, jump, and turn. She's watching a screen that makes her look like she's running a race. She rode this thing about 10 times!

She also thought it was pretty neat to dance on the big screen!

After our lunch we headed to the mall. A few more purchases and we were heading home. She said on the way home that bestest girls need to shop together more often!...yep!

P.S. An Emma funny....she is so impressed with herself b/c she can turn the light on and off in the bathroom without standing on the stool. Go Runt!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

This week has been crazy and it's only Wednesday. The date for this post might be yesterday b/c I started it and never got time to finish. So let's start from Monday.
Monday: back to school. Not too much happening. I was going to go to Curves with Bree but Vance got called out at 3:00 A.M. Tried to go back to sleep, but sleep left me as I stressed about making sure I called Bree to tell her I wasn't going to Curves. Finally texted her at 5;45?. She texted me back...yes, sucess! Went back to sleep, only to be woke up by my phone b/c Vance was on his way home from the outage and was telling me I could go ahead and go to Curves. Too bad...out of the mood now! Needless to say, I was very tired for work. Had a parent meeting that evening. Vance met me there b/c he was the parent:) We had a good turn out. I was so tired, I kept falling asleep on the couch. (Did I mention that I taught for about an hour with no electricity? What fun!)

Tuesday: Got up and went to Curves. Late, no gas, couldn't find the right clothes...what a glorious day. When I get to work, I change into work clothes and then go next door to see what I look like in their big mirror. could kind of see my dark bra through my light shirt. Oh well, their only 6 right? After work, I hurried home, got Emma and went to the Lumberyard. Made some decisions on doors and then went out to the farm to see the progress. See below....

basement stairs

all the roof with tar paper and a few shingles
another view
still with the mud

After I left the farm, I lickety split ran to Wayne's to order tires, dropped by the house, left my kids with Bree, and flew to KV to meet a couple of friends for supper. That was fun. No kids except one little tiny baby. Then I flew back home to get my kids and put them to bed. Was woke up AGAIN very rudely by Vance who had run over Simpson (Emma's dog) in the driveway. Now I tried to go back to sleep after discussing what to do, but kept imagining telling her in the morning. Ughhhh.....

Wednesday: Got up and broke the news to Emma. She took it very well and asked to not be there when Vance buried him. She still talks about that with Diablo, so maybe she was too young. Took Emma to Judy's and then Vance and I took Colby to get venom tested for bee stings. Needless to say: he is very allergic to yellow jackets and honeybees and the epipen jr. is our new best friend. Colby was pretty brave during all the sticks and scratches and his reward was a treat. My six year old boy picked out a socket set as his treat. He is very excited to use it. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the farm and almost all of the shingles are on. I will post pictures when it is all finished. I also spent an hour at the lumberyard picking out faucets and the cabinet maker came by again. At one point, I think we had almost 15 people milling about. Ahhhhh.....It was getting crazy. Especially with Colby out walking on the porch roof like he's a cat.

Tomorrow: Columbia, to get released for normal activity from my doctor a.k.a S E X! (sorry young readers....Raymond:) Then Emma and I are going to have a LONG girls day. Shopping...lunch....etc. We are very happy to have time together.

Vance has purchased a new toy, but it warrants a picture before blogging about it, so I'll just keep you in suspense.....

Keep in your prayers:

April....over 9 weeks pregnant, thought it could be twins, now No heartbeat

Judy Matthews....lost her house to a fire

Teachers.....we need patience

Mommys....we need even more patience!

My son and homework are not meshing very well, hopefully we will develop a routine!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ahhh....sitting at last!

This weekend has been crazy...let's start with Friday. After work, I went and got Emma and we made a quick trip to the farm. Kelly had built Emma's stairs with Vance's help and was very excited to show Emma. Vance and Colby went to Moberly so Vance could play in an alumni soccer game at the college he went to. Emma is very excited about her stairs and tells everyone she sees that she had stairs now. Poor girl...doesn't take much to get excited.

They also began putting shingles on the roof. I think the color looks really neat and can't wait to see the front of the house shingled.
After the stop at the farm, Emma and I along with Trenton, Erin, and Kayla went to Jim's dads visitation. Long drive, quick trip, but glad we went. Emma enjoyed being in the spotlight of Erin and Trenton and has a date to spend the night with them soon.
Saturday, we woke up to the sqwuak (sp?) of Vance's radio. He headed to work and I headed to Bloomfield to help Jenn and Mike move. After much sweating, we headed to Lancaster...unloaded...and went home. I went to sleep on the couch, something I never do!
Sunday, we slept in and did not go to church. Got up and I fixed a brunch. Then Vance went to mowing the yard and I went between cleaning and packing. Got lots more packed and moved to the farm and we moved the clubhouse and packed up the sand toys. We also spent a lot of time cleaning up sawdust at the farm.
Tomorrow, it's back to work and Curves. Then we have a 1st grade parent meeting at the school at 6:00. Me the teacher/Vance the parent:) Hopefully, the rest of the week will be quiet.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I AM..... a mom, wife, teacher, friend, sister, daughter, and a WOMAN. Am I lucky or what...some people can't be these things or choose not too. How sad.
I be those people who stand at church and have everyone applaud them when they've been married 50 years. I want to still hold hands with my husband when we're doing it more to hold each other up than for love. I want my children to come home after they've left home.
I HAVE..... always wished to be someone than I'm not. Not like INSIDE...just some characteristics. skinnier, shorter, quieter, meeker, more caring, etc.
I WISH I COULD...... be the person that breaks the ice in a conversation, but I just can't.
I HATE....... making small talk when I have places to go, people to see, things to do! I also hate it when someone is fishing for a compliment. UGHHHH
I FEAR....... that I will not have done a great job of raising my kids...I think we're doing o.k. but you never know until their adults.
I SEARCH....... for things that are right in front of me ALL THE TIME! how annoying.
I REGRET.......yelling after I'm done. Sarcasm, after it's left my mouth. Worrying about what people think, after I'm home.
I LOVE......... how fortunate I am to have my ducks in a row so young in life ...thanks to my very hardworking husbband and that I will not have to have a first date EVER again.
I ACHE FOR............ my husband's arms around me when he's not available.
I ALWAYS CRY........... when we sing an emotional song at church, someone is baptized, the vows at weddings, funerals and visitations, when I tell a touching story, and on and on and on...
I AM NOT...........the rule follower I would like to be:)
I DANCE............... when my husband makes me.
I SING.............. everyday, haven't you ever heard the "Name on your paper...first thing" song?
I NEVER............plan to clean, it just happens.
I home alone, but it sure is nice when I am.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH............ 8 seconds, Stepmom, The Notebook, Army Wives...every do they do that?
I AM NOT ALWAYS......... the most thoughtful. I hate that!
I HATE THAT........... I am not always thoughtful! Also, I hate that I can't lose weight, even though I've been working out 3 days a week for a year!
I'M CONFUSED ABOUT.......... why people keep having kids when they don't take care of the ones they have and why some people thrive on shoving their beliefs down other's throats and why some peopls strive to cause trouble by being different.
I NEED........... a LOT of sleep.
I SHOULD...........spend more time cuddling with my kids b/c they will be grown before I know it!

What an Email

Today, I got a an email with the subject line...Another Picture of Sara. Open it up and this is what I got! Too cute! I already knew the news, but what a cool way of sharing it with others. Congrats Ang...and Adam and Sara. Another chapter in your life story!

New Shoes

Yesterday, I had to take Colby to the allergy doctor to discuss his reaction to the bee sting. He was a great doctor and we talked for a long time about his reaction, long term plans, and testing. We are going back next Wednesday to test him and see what bee he is allergic to. It's a very lengthy process, so Vance and I are both taking him. I think he's looking forward to a day with mom and dad and no Emma. After the doctor, Colby and I went on a hunt for new shoes for him. He had outgrown his old ones. We went to payless and there was nothing except cartoon characters and velcro...yuck! I bought three new pair of very impractical, but cute shoes. I wore a pair today, but already had to change. We then went to Wal-Mart and they also had nothing. Got a few groceries and then headed to Hibbets. Here is what we ended up with....

Emma got the cutest soccer cleats...I couldn't resist. Next year she'll be able to wear Colby's old ones, but this year her feet are too small, so I got the cute pink ones.
Colby got a pretty cute pair too. When he tried them on, he told the sales lady he needed to have both shoes on. She was like o.k. but I've never met a boy that particular. He needed BOTH shoes on, so he could test them and see if they were fast. He ran up and down the store, and Yep! they were fast. I went to pay for them and he went running by and then stopped...Mom, they have good breaks too!

When we got home, they both put them on and went running up and down the driveway...seeing who was the fastest.
His big foot...her little foot. Who knew their physical size would be so much different than their age!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 1st day of 1st Grade.

Colby's first day of 1st grade. He tried to act like he wasn't excited, but I think he was a little bit. His teacher is Mrs. Frady and I know she'll do a great job of caring for his "cowboy personality." He decided that he's going to ride the bus everyday b/c he's "BIG" now. I appreciate him doing that b/c then I can drive to school in peace for 10 minutes. Plus...on the Curves days, I don't have to remember to call the bus driver.

Waiting for the bus with a sweatshirt on in August!

Bree took this picture at her house. How cute:)

The roof

The roof...makes the house look much more "real."
A view from the back of the house.

The dormer....
Today....tar paper.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Back to school meetings...bleck! Yesterday was a hodge podge of meetings and working in our rooms. Not much learned, except flip flops are lost to me forever:( Last night, we had open house. I had 16 out of 18 students come. That will make tomorrow much easier.
Today, we had a really nice team building exercise all morning. I feel like our administration is trying really hard to build a positive environment and it was really nice to see them take part in our meetings all morning! This afternoon, we had a couple more meetings and a little work time. I went to the house this afternoon....totally awesome. We have a porch roof and house roof. Tomorrow....shingles? Not sure, depends on the forecast for Thursday and Friday. I also got the sample backsplash I want and went and picked out countertops at the lumberyard. We are going with laminate b/c we think countertops are pretty easy to change in 10 years when we can afford something easier. We also took Cindy's advice and we're going to do something different with a couple interior doors. We're going to use old fashion screen doors for our master closet and pantry. I think it'll look really neat and add to the character of our house.
Well, off to bed. I'm just ready to get the year started and enjoy my class.
Keep in your thoughts and prayers:
Amee and her husband...they just lost Jim's father Cecil after a battle with lung cancer.
Jenn and Mike: long work week, death of an adminstrator, and moving: a recipe for meltdown!
All the mommies and daddies sending their children into our capable hands!
And pray for our hands!:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Off I go....

Well, off I go to work tomorrow. I'm starting to get excited about it. To recap the weekend...Vance and I varnished our porch on Saturday and tried to get in a nap for the softball tourn. that evening. We played at 8:00....LOST, 9:00....LOST, sat around until 2:00...waited to play until 3:oo...LOST and went home around 4:00. The good news, I didn't bomb it. I only struck out twice in 3 games and even scored once. First time playing softball, unless you count wiffle ball in H.S. It was fun except the last game, b/c they were way to serious.
Sunday, got up around 9:30 ran the babysitter home and made it to church. Had a cousin get baptized and then came home to cook lunch for Vance's mom and dad. They came and ate with us, toured the house, and then took the kids home with them. They will be staying until Tuesday evening. I wasn't sure if the sitter could watch them Monday and Tuesday, so I just made other arrangements and the kids love spending time at Grandma and Grandpa's anyway.
Then we went to a visitation for a born Schuyler County native. He was 88 years old and was a wonderful man. He was reloading shells the night before he died, how awesome is that! I hope that can be said for me. The line was very long, but made you remember the song, "Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town." As an elder in the church, I will never forget the beginning of everyone of his communion prayers: Dear God....You Are an Awesome that big booming voice of his. He made it to church one last time a few weeks ago, and I am so glad. Of course, with every visitation/funeral comes the discussion Vance and I always have, when I die.......we really should write something down.
Well, off to bed to recoop from last night and get ready for a full day of work. Get up at 5:00, Curves, Work, Open House...won't get home until after 7:00...a long day for the first day in 3 months.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ok...I'm going to do something different and you guys have to do it too...

I LOVE seeing a child's face when he/she does something for the first pour their own drink, tie their shoes, etc.

I HATE (I know it's a strong word, maybe dislike would be better) when someone acts differently around their husband. We're big, strong women together and then she turns into a simpering, sissy when he comes around.

I LOVE a cool breeze coming through my windows.

I HATE getting up in the morning.

I LOVE a sweet touch from my husband, a loving endearment, a compliment.

I HATE having him squeeze my know!

I LOVE sharing parenting ideas with friends, learning the ropes together.

I HATE talking to a know it all, who won't budge on any level.

I LOVE napping children.

I HATE it when they wake up grouchier than when they went to sleep.

I LOVE being excited about new things...a new house, new car, new idea.

I HATE party poopers who squash your dreams before they are even conceived.

I LOVE the way I feel at church, at peace...full of joy.

I HATE that one person can take that all away from me in MY church....grrrrr....

I LOVE the way a classroom smells and feels at the beginning of a new year.

I HATE the way that smells goes away so quickly.

I LOVE surprises...anywhere from a present to an unloaded dishwasher. Anything I don't have to ask for.

I HATE laundry, dishes, cleaning, vacuuming, I'd rather be outside!

I LOVE clean sheets.

I HATE having to pee really bad, but being too lazy to go:)

That about does it for me....give it a try on you're blog and I'll be sure to tune in!

The Porch

Vance and I spent a good party of Saturday varnishing the posts on our porch. You can see the difference in color after we did it...we really like it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Helper vs. UGHHHH!

So, my son's personality borders on the line of grouch vs. lovely child. This morning, he stomped and grouched his way into the shower and got out all smiles and sunshine. Hmmmm....teenage years early? This is a picture of his helpful efforts to hang up clothes from swimming lessons. He even hung up his sisters dirty kind:) Today he unloaded almost the whole dishwasher and was very proud of himself and then was upset b/c I made him brush his teeth...go figure!

On Wednesday, when the guys were working on the porch, we were all working...o.k. they were working...and up flew a hummingbird. I have tried and tried to get them at our house now and my mother-in-law has bought me many feeders, but they have never found us. I decided if they wanted to visit at the new house, I would put out the welcome here it is. Our first decoration at the new house!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Porch

Here are a few pictures of the porch on our house. We are very proud of ourselves for making it. We had lots of help on and behind the scenes...which I've mentioned before.

A close up...every piece lovingly sanded!

Too much?

Last night when Bree got in my van to go to swimming lessons, between the two of us we had a pile of clothes 2 ft high to trade. She had clothes that are my kids and I had Bronson's and a sweatshirt. Good thing, cuz Bronson needed clothes for after swimming lessons. Think we're together too much???

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100th post!

This is my 100th post...go me!
Just a quick thought. I've decided my house is like a hotel, run in sleep, shower, maybe eat and run out again. The bad room service and no one comes and cleans while I'm gone. Bummer!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Giant Pencil Sharpener!

This is a picture of Vance's new pencil sharpener. Actually, it's what whittles down the logs on both ends to make the tenons. Then you have to drill a hole in the other log and HOPEFULLY it all fits together. It's a very MANLY tool, hence the smile:)Me sanding's all I've done for 3 days. Tomorrow....varnishing!
Our faithful friends...Jared stripping bark off logs. Something he wishes he could do everyday!
Bree and Braxton sanding while I eat yummy goulash.
Side note: Miss Lynne and Emma. As I said in a previous post, Emma got to buy a new Bible Thursday night and a case. Well, Sunday she gripped her Bible with eagerness and hurried downstairs to Children's Church...Miss Lynne stayed upstairs. So as soon as church was over she rushes over to Miss Lynne and proudly shows her her purchase. Miss Lynne approriately gushed over it and looked with enthusiasm.
So, our first two days of this week have been busy. I helped Vance on the porch until 10 today and then took my kids to a friend's house. She watched them until about 4 while I worked on my room. Whew...what a blessing. My sister, Lauren and two of her friends helped me. I got lots of done and don't plan to go back until Monday. Then, I brought her daughter, Sylvia, home with me and now we have a friend for Colby too. Colby is going home with his friend to spend the night and Sylvia is staying here. Nothing like cramming everything into the last week of vacation:)

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

I'm too tired to really post something, but had to say THANK GOD FOR GOOD FRIENDS!!!

Thank you, Cindy for taking a few hours out of your day to come help me sand.

Thank you, MOM for taking my children to swimming lessons so I could stay and help.

Thank you, Jared for using your muscles and doing jobs I would have had to do!

Thank you, Bree for bringing us supper and helping us all night long!

Thank you, Braxton for helping where you could and playing with the kids without complaint!

Thank you, Bronson for helping carry blocks, sweeping up sawdust, and playing nicely.

Thank you, Colby and Emma for being so well behaved and doing your chores.

Thank you, Shnooky for working so very hard!

Whew....looks like I'm a pretty blessed girl and my title sums it up pretty's not one big thing it all the little things.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

We've been very busy, but I'll try to catch up....Wednesday on the way home from swimming lessons, Bronson asked if he could spend the night with us. I didn't care, but doubted that he would actually stay. He's big talk until it gets dark outside. Well, he stayed. First, his mom took him home to dole out some punishment he had earned throughout the evening and then brought him over. When it came bedtime, he went to bed without a word....totoally shocked! I am glad he has seemed to grow out of his fear of staying at someone else's house.
Thursday, we went to the farm and then went to KV to Tri County Day. We first went to the House of Jesus and Emma got her own bible and case and Colby got a case. Then we went to the Tri County Meeting and signed up and voted. After that, the kids and I along with Corin, Steve, and Levi went to Ruby Tuesday's to eat. It was very yummy. We went from there to Corin's house to drop off her birthday present and Levi's too. Levi loved his chair and was so cute rocking in it. Corin seemed pretty pleased with her present too! The annual meeting didn't get over until 9:00 and we didn't get home until almost 10! There was a tie vote and lots of!
Friday, I went to work in my classroom. Mandie and April answered lots of questions for me and I got a lot of things moved. I am glad they called me to ask me to work, it makes things easier. My kids were very well behaved and were lots of help. After that, we went over to the farm and Kelly had put a mock roof over the dormers, each was a different size. I thought I wanted a 5.5 pitch and Vance thought he wanted an 11 pitch. The left is 5.5 and the right is 11. Actually, I didn't really care, and Vance loved the 11 pitch so that is what we're going with.

They also worked very hard on the porch and have all the posts in and half of the floor laid. It's kind of hard to see in this picture.Then, off to swimming lessons...the only picture I took was of Colby jumping off the diving board. He was so fast I got an after picture!
So the porch, we want the log railing on our porch, so Vance is going to make it. He spent ALL day working on stripping the bark off the logs. It is very hard work and I am appreciative that he is doing it. It will look great when it's done! We also went to the lumberyard to pick out stain. What a decision!

Colby lending a hand:)
Emma not lending a hand:)

My cousin Chance helped us all afternoon too! Thanks Chance!

Vance working hard!
Colby irritated with his dad b/c he's taking a break.

So he went back to work by himself!

So far it's been a very busy weekend! I'm glad the weather cooled down:) I also went to a baby shower for a cousing on Vance's side today. I'm always very glad I go after I see how few Frederick's are there. It's also really neat to see what the mommy to be gets. It will soon be time to really start "planning" Jenn's shower. We are doing a hat/bonnet theme if anyone wants to shop early!