Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But everybody's got one...daddy!

Emma had gone to Donna Gray's and fell in love with the puppy barn. She would get in a pen and play and play. Well...Mike Gray told her that every girl needs a puppy. So, we got in the van that night and Emma asked her daddy if she could have a puppy. She reasoned, Colby has a pony and Daddy has a horse and Colby has a puppy and Daddy has a dog and Mommy has a dog and I don't have NUFTIN (nothing). We laughed at her deductions and low and behold got her a puppy.

The puppy Donna gave us at a discount is white and fluffy all over! He does not stay white at our house...needless to say. She drags that puppy all over with this $1.00 leash the Easter Bunny brought her. We named him Simpson and he hangs on her every move!

The Horse Whisperer

Colby is the next horse whisperer. He very patiently worked his horse until he caught her. She is very tricky to catch, especially after a long winter. He looked pretty awesome out there at the age of 5 running three ponies around the round pen. I didn't get a good picture of him standing in the middle, just like his dad! After he caught her, she was very stubborn and DEAD broke, so Vance had to give him a piece of leather to hit her with to get her to move! We've had lots of offers to sell that pony, but we won't budge. To be able to turn your 5 year old out, after a long winter, and let him ride his pony is worth more than money can buy!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Colby's party

Time to get ready for another birthday party. Some think I over do it, but this one SHOULD be pretty low key. Thought you might enjoy seeing the invitation.

Our Cowboy....

You’re Invited
Colby’s 6th Birthday!

Saturday, May 10th
Trail Ride: Meet at our farm at 9:30
Ride (10:00-5:30)

Weiner Roast: 6:30 @ the farm
If you’re not a rider, please join us for supper and cake at the farm!

Monday, April 28, 2008

True Friendship: Diablo

I totally forgot about this picture... what a great memory. Diablo passed away this winter and I will treasure this picture forever. He was my dog, but Emma loved him just as much!


Ok...what happened to the warm weather? It is cold outside and I know it feels even more so, b/c it was warm last week. We are going to a track meet this afternoon at Scotland County. We're going to take blankets, jackets, gloves, etc...just like a football game. This is ridiculous! Colby loves to go watch Rhett, my cousin, run. Rhett is an awesome athlete and I think it's important to instill some athletics young. I didn't know anything about being coordinated and athletic until it was way too late for me. Yes...I cannot dribble and walk at the same time. That is why I was a cheerleader all the way through school.

Colby is very excited for his track and field day after watching Rhett. He will be very disappointed if he doesn't get a ribbon in at least something. He invites everyone he sees to come watch him:)

Side note: my daughter cracks me up. I was washing her hair in the bathtub and she usually says trivial things that don't make any sense, but she asked me if Jesus loves everyone's heart. I said yes, everyone. She said, even when we're naughty? Yes, even when you're naughty. She thought about this for a few minutes and then said, why, Jesus must also love Trayton Buckallew! I laughed...Trayton is a orney, lively little fellow at Judy's. I said, yes, Jesus even loves Trayton.

To be innocent again....
A sassy attitude, but a generous heart!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sad News

We just found out that my husband's grandfather passed away. I don't think it matters how sick, or how's still hard to take. Please keep him and his family in your prayers this week. The bright side is he is a follower of Jesus and has now gone to his finally resting place. Let's hope we can remember that....

My Weekend

My weekend was crazy, but fun...
we made lots of stops....

This is my beautiful tulip magnolia bush that has to stay when we move:(

Colby and his two new ponies we bought last night, we went to a horse sale after prom, wedding, and the reception!

Emma's new pony, she's due to foal next month. Emma is very excited b/c she doesn't have a pony right now. Her last one died last year of west nile. Emma has already named the mom Sunshine and the baby Sonny.

Emma and Aunt Lauren at the grand march. Emma had to wear her princess dress too!
The back of Lauren's hair.
Emma and Colby. Emma was "holding" Libby's flowers until she got there.
Colby and Aunt Lauren. Everyone says that someday I'll laugh at his silly expressions, but I can't see that happening any time soon.
Colby and his "date" Libby. He wan't very impressed but did a good job! We went to eat at McDonalds afterwards as a reward. Yum, yum....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Busy Day

So, today we have prom. Yes, I'm 27 years old, but it seems as though I do more as I get older. Colby is the attendant, so he gets to dress up. He's wearing his cowboy garb, big surprise. My sister, Lauren, is coming to get her hair and make up done and bringing along a friend. Then we have Emma, who of course, will need a little primping! We also have to go to a wedding or just the reception sometime today. To add to the list, we were supposed to dig our basment this morning, but the rain made that decision for us. Bummer....but at least we have a few weeks before it HAS to be done. Kelly won't start building until late June, early July. Time to run the kids through the shower and then myself:)

Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm a Believer

While I was messing around with this silly blog and I should have been cleaning up supper, my macaroni and cheese was slowing fossilizing in it's pan. I didn't realize I had left the burner on low! So...for the last two hours, it's been cooking. I just went in and scraped it right out! Yep, pampered chef rocks. Those pans are awesome, nothing and I mean nothing sticks. Not even macaroni that has been coking for two hours! What an investment wisely made!

Whew...that took awhile

My class with Miss Jenn on her last day...they made her poster in the background.
They are blowing her a kiss! Awww...

The first one....

ok...bree talked me into this. she thinks i want to be cool like her!
my sister's last day of student teaching in my classroom was today. that was bitterweet. it's nice to see her get a job, but hard to see her go. she's starting at scotland county on monday. i'm just looking at the positive that maybe she can move back soon.
we staked our basement this 6:30!!! CRAZINESS!!! i am excited to get digging, but the rain won't cooperate. it seems like we are making decisions all of the time and i want to start seeing some of those decisions in "person"
ok i'm going to try to see how to add pictures! wish me luck