Thursday, April 30, 2009


Braylon is doing fine and will be headed home with his mom soon. He was a bear cat when they took him away...didn't like all that prodding and poking. Hopefully, his mood is improving!

1000 Words Thursday!

Cheaper Than Therapy

Our first ever pedicures...Emma and I both! We shared teh foot wash.
Little toes and big toes....before the pedicures.

My sisters...Jenn and Lauren.
So many choices!...and she got her nails done too.

Lauren also got her nails done for prom this Saturday. Emma was very disappointed that she could not have fake nails too. Bummer!
A very fun sister tradition that we will have to continue!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Vance and I went to a visitation for his cousin Monday night. The boy that died was 18 years old. A month shy of graduation! It was a very sad visitation to go to, not that any are happy, but when it's someone young it so much harder.
We were waiting in line and Emma says, "Was this boy baptized?"
I said, "yes."
She looked at me solemnly and said, "Good."
"Good indeed, Miss Emma!"

Monday, April 27, 2009

Emma's pictures!

Isn't this precious!?

When she saw this one, she said YUCK!...she did not like the lollipop!
Calling Bronson....I love this genuine!No words needed!
She had so much fun!
My favorite!
Equally precious!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a Weekend!

This weekend was fun filled. Saturday morning, Emma and I went to a friend's baby shower. We had fun getting dressed up and eating cake!
Emma also got to see Miss Lynne. She had been making a book for Miss Lynne that she gave to her that morning. They were inseparable.

After the shower, I took Emma to Mandie's to have her 5 year pictures taken. It was UNBELIEVABLE! I can't wait to see them. Mandie had a whole tea party set up complete with a tea set, pearls, lace, the whole nine yards! Then Emma was a mommy with a buggy and too big high heels and then she was talking to a suitor on the phone. Too cute! I was so pleased and can't wait to see the outcome.

We got home and Vance had my birthday present waiting for me. My birthday isn't until the 17th of May, but my present was ready now. You guessed it...a puppy!

Isn't he sweet? We named him Kodiak which means brown bear. He's so much fun to play with....I love watching him try to pounce with his HUGE paws!

The last tidbit of excitement this weekend was Colby shooting a bird with his b.b. gun. If you knew how much he meanders around the farm with his gun, you would be excited too. He came rushing into the house and I thought he was hurt, but NO....dead bird in hand he was bubbling with information!
Sunday, we went to church, mom's, shared the puppy with Corin and Steve, and just hung out. Vance worked a lot so everything was kind of out of routine.
Coming up....a full week of ball practice, my first pedicure, and a donkey ball game!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1000 Words Thursday!

Cheaper Than Therapy
I told myself I had no time or energy for ATWT today, but I caved...just couldn't take it. Some of you saw these pics yesterday on Colby's birthday invite, but I love them. He's having a fishing party and is proudly showing off his new pole!

These are the goofy grins we usually get!

And a rare sweet smile!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My boy is turning 7!.....

Here's Colby's birthday invite. We are going to let him choose 3 little boys to come spend the night on Friday and fish on Saturday morning. All fishermen/women...and observers should start showing up @ 9 and then we'll have lunch @ noon. Can't wait....

Thanks for taking the pictures, Jenn!

Hey Lauren, got that fish cake under control?!
P.S. I made this invite on my creative memories software:)

The Beads....

My daughter....
Oh, my daughter....
No words can describe her,
but I'll try.....
Jenn and I went shopping last night in Ottumwa.
We had an agenda.
We tried to be quick.
We had a 5 year old with us.
She was wonderful.
In and out, in and out...buckle up, let's go, etc.
I bought her a little coloring book thing at K-Mart and told her no more treats.
She loved it!
Took it into every store.
Sat in the cart and colored.
We go to the mall.
Jenn is shopping for a new dress.
We are browsing and Emma is at the jewelry counter.
She's oohing and awwing over the bling!
She finds something she NEEDS!
I kind of brush it off and tell her we need to move onto the next store.
BUT, she REALLY, REALLY needs that mom!
We go back into the store and she proceeds to show me a rosary with a cross and Jesus hanging from it.
It costs $500!
I explain to her that she already has a treat and sometimes mommies can't buy what little girls think they need.
She tries to be reasonable, really she does.
She quietly swallows her sobs.....
for 45 minutes!
We are in the Christian store and she admires all of the rosaries with Jesus.
I ask her if she would like a pretty little cross necklace.
NO...she wants a cross with Jesus.
She stands there sobbing and sobbing and sobbing just looking longingly into the case.
Strangers are asking what she wants.
She's not crying or throwing a fit, she really is trying to be obedient, but it was breaking her heart.
I give in.
She picks out the brownest, plainest rosary in the case.
She has a grin a mile wide.
She carries it around, admiring it.
She tells me that even though it's for praying with, she might wear it around her neck.
And she does.
All night long.
And reminds me about how wonderful it is.
And how she loves it.
And how you can see the stakes coming through the back.
She is truly happy.
What a funny girl.
With a crucifix.
Pictures to come soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mr. Colby

We've started little league ball at this house. Colby's had 2 practices and I'm really proud of how he's conducted himself. He listens, hustles, and has fun. Tonight after practice this his our conversation on the way home:
Colby: "Mom, my coach pitches hard."
Me: "I know,'re playing on a harder team now. We'll have to pitch harder to you at home too."
Colby: "Yeah, when I hit the ball...afterward my hand wiggles."
Me: (stifling my laughter) "Wiggles, huh."
Colby: "Yeah, don't you see it wiggling while I run to 1st base."
Me: "No, I'm watching you run fast."
Colby: "'s wiggling all the way there."
Think he needs batting gloves....?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1000 Words Thursday!

Cheaper Than Therapy

He wasn't tired. I thought Vance had send prayers and put him to bed and Vance thought I had. I noticed his light was still on, went down and couldn't find him. Then I panicked and thought he was in the bathtub but wouldn't answer me. Then I looked down...this is what I found. He wasn't tired.

Mrs. Garrett made my kiddos a I Spy quilt. How lucky are they??!! They should feel very special to have something like this. It provides hours of entertainment and many memories for down the road. Thanks Mrs. Garrett!

Show me your favorite square, Colby.

Wait Mom! I changed my mind. There are so many to choose!

Emma got one too!
And her favorite spot, after 3 mins of thinking and looking!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter was very full, eventful, and a little disgusting.
Friday, the kids and I had a nice leisurely morning and then headed to the Easter egg hunt at the Nursing Home, that my mom organizes every year. When I say kids, I also mean Bronson Shaw! They had lots of fun, and got a bag full of goodies. It's a neat hunt, b/c it's only for children and relatives of the staff....
After the hunt, my mom and dad, and jenn and mike....and natalee of course!, came over for supper. I cooked lasagna and other goodies. While the lasagna was bubbling away, Emma got sick. Not a little sick....a puke all the way down the hall kind of sick. She ended up being up most of the night with the flu. Yuck! I slept on the couch and ran upstairs every time she would get up. She was better the next morning, just tired.
Saturday, my cousin Ang, Adam, Sara, and new baby Christian came to visit. We had lunch, and Sara had her first big horse ride! It took some coaxing, but it was fun! She kept saying..."O, Kaaaay!" Love it! I had a good time visiting with Angela and glad she found time to see us! That evening Vance and Colby went fishing and I rode along with my trusty book....never leave home without one!
Sunday, we went to Sunrise services, the breakfast, and the first service.
Here is my daughter singing her heart out at Sunrise Service.
Here is my son's face during the songs. I was so proud!
We were home by 10:30! Emma took a much needed nap and the kids explored their goodies from the Easter bunny.

Emma got a ball, bat, glove, helmet, and bag...among other things. This was all stuff she needed, so I let the bunny get the glory:)!
Colby got a new fishing pole for his birthday fishing tournament and a birdhouse and new gum boots! For those of you who usually attend, Colby's birthday fishing tournament will be May 9th...more details to come!

We finished Sunday evening off, with Vance getting the flu and me having another round of it Monday. Then Colby woke up with it on Tuesday. Hopefully, we are all on the mend! I opened my house up last night for about an hour to blow out some germs!
Hope your Easter was just as great!