Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Emma....aka Swahenee

Emma thinks she is party Native American...I mean really thinks it. She has an Indian costume and teepee on her Christmas list...and that is all. (Grandma Joyce, I think she wants YOU to make her an indian costume:)
Anyway, here is her two favorite poses:)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Deer Hunting 2011

On opening day of youth season Colby went with Vance and Emma went with dad. Colby was successful! He got this 10 point with 2 drop tines. From the *big* stories I've heard it was quite the fight to finally get this deer to go down. Colby was one proud boy!
This is the biggest buck he's EVER seen, of course :)
Emma didn't see anything in the morning and went back out with Vance in the afternoon. They saw 2 bucks and a doe, but she could never find them in the scope. Sunday morning they headed out again and she finally shot him when he was a scant 9 yards away!
She was also very proud that this year she got a buck!
Thanks to Vance for 2 very long days of getting up early to hunt and staying up late to skin and cut up.