Saturday, May 23, 2009

Still no internet at my house....stinks. I'm not ignoring you, Really! Hopefully, we'll get the new card at the beginning of next week!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CrAzY BuSy

I've been crazy busy! This weekend has been great, but jam packed with stuff. Thursday we had a fun filled day of visiting Lancaster for our field trip. Friday, I took 1/2 a day off to help my mom get ready for Lauren's graduation. Same for Saturday....all while having no husband b/c of the tornado. Sunday, Vance was finally home...we headed for church, all came back for lunch at my house, I opened presents, and then off to graduation. I was super tired, but it went well! That night, both kids spent the night with mom and skipped school the next day to hang with the family. Monday...I had the day I went out and helped clean up. We also just sat and chatted. That afternoon, I did 2 cousins' for 8th grade graduation and then went to watch them. Last night, I had pizza and mom's and finally got my kids in bed at 10! If you know me, that just doesn't happen on school nights! Today, we are here...enjoying the last day of school and then back home to make supper for 21 people!, it will be fun.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes.....You are all very important in my lives!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What a day!
We've had storms all day!
The electricity went off at 15 til 11. All 3 1st grades where in the interior rooms for recess. There was a made dash for candles/flashlights and then we were all crammed into my room b/c I have 2 windows and the emergency light outside my door. We sat there until 11 and then headed to lunch. The cooks served while 2 ladies held flashlights for them to see. We had to fix baked potatoes with plastic silverware in the dark! Good times....we finished eating lunch and were trying to decide what to do next when the lights came back on! Thanks Guys!
The day went on as normal until 1:15 when we had planned a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Frady, Colby's teacher. She was totally surprised and enjoyed herself. The kids were so proud of themselves for keeping a secret and were squealing with excitement!
I am exhausted...too much fun in one day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let me tell you about....

this friend I have.
She's a friend from grade school. Ya know....way back. When things were complicated....boys and clothes and stuff. Well, this friend as honestly been by my side throw THICK and thin. I'm grateful for her.
We've been through to
babies...parenting....marriage....and the list goes on.
My friend has a little boy, he's just 18 months old....I have a 7 year old. For 7 years now, she has come to party after party....she's done the pirate thing, the princess thing, the horse thing, and NOW the fishing thing.
She doesn't grumble, she puts on her smile and sometimes her boots and enjoys herself. Did she have anything in common with these little themed parties? No, but she came anyway...faithfully every time. She often also brought food. And did I mention all the times she scoured and searched for the perfect gift? From spurs to tiny leather gloves, she's bought it all.
So Corin, thank you for always being "there." For sitting at the party when my son had a pinata, the time we just watched Emma crawl around my tiny living room, how about the time you corralled your son and kept him from tearing down Cinderella's castle, or my favorite....keeping him from falling in the pond.
I vow here and now to be that person for your kids....except last year...but I had a good excuse...I had THE FRIEND!
I want to get the best present b/c it FITS him and I want to sit and watch him play with what he likes best, even if those days are over for me. Because that's what friends do!
Love you!

Track and Field Day!

What a great day for track and field day. Colby did very well and had lots of fun.

His 3-legged race partner, Spencer.
The long jump!

The high jump!
His biggest fan, Aunt Lorn Lorn. We were very grateful to her for hanging out with him all day and taking pics! Thanks Aunt Lorn Lorn!
He got a ribbon in every event but the 3-legged race...he got 6th in it. He was very pleased. He must get his athletic abilities from Vance.....big surprise there!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Colby and Emma's ball schedule

I thought it would be handy for friends and family to easily see when and where my kiddos are playing. If it says home, that means the little Newland field and it only has one set of bleachers so bring lawn chairs. They would love to see you there!

Colby’s games in RED
Exchange Bank

Emma’s games in GREEN
Team Deem

May 2009
6:00 Brashear
6:00 Memphis
7:00 Brashear
6:00 (H)
6:00 Edina
6:00 (H)
Newland Field @ 1:30
Newland Field @ 12:30

June 2009
6:00 (H)
6:00 (H)
6:00 (H)
7:00 (H)
6:00 Edina
7:00 Edina
6:00 Novinger
7:00 Novinger
6:00 (H)
7:00 (H)
7:00 (H)
6:00 (H)
6:00 (H)
7:00 (H)
6:00 (H)
7:00 (H)
6:00 (H)
5:30 Memphis

Whirlwind Weekend

We began our weekend by acquiring 3 extra boys for Colby's birthday party. We couldn't have picked better behaved boys and had no problems the whole weekend. They went tadpole hunting, played on the trampoline, got muddy, and enjoyed themselves. The got to make their own little pizzas for supper and then off to bed for an early morning of fishing.
After breakfast and opening presents we were all ready to fish.

Everyone caught at least one fish. Some were getting long faces as their buddy's reeled their fish in, but patience won out. Vance and my dad were kept hopping running to fisherman to fisherman baiting hooks and unhooking fish.

We had a lunch of fish, chicken breasts, and other sides. Then we had fish cake and sherbert for dessert. Aunt Lauren made the cake and did a great job.....I love the scales!

After everyone went home, we gave Colby one of his gifts from us. A b.b. gun with a scope. He was very pleased.
Mother's Day/Colby's birthday started out very sleepy, quiet, and low key. We hung around the house ALL day and it was wonderful. Colby finished opening his gifts from us and then everyone went out to play/work.
Emma tried her hand at kite's nice to have that overhead electricity down so we don't worry about where she is.
You can see her kite in the top left hand corner.
Vance finished my flower bed and wheelbarrowed about 15 loads of dirt over to it. I was so happy! We went to our old house and dug up LOTS of my old flowers. I know they are kind of hodgepodged in there, but I will move some out when we get the dirt work finished around the house.
A dirty me.
My helpers!
A treat for supper....fresh corn on the cob all the way from Florida. Vance's friend, Gus, brought us some! What a surprise in May!

Friday, May 8, 2009


gorgeous, huh?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1000 Words Thursday!

Cheaper Than Therapy
A little bit of lace, a little bit of dirt...makes a well rounded girl!

Emma and her dog, Runt.

My puppy Kodiak....he loves pearls!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That Person

Why is it that when we are stressed, upset, disgruntled we take it out on the person we love the most? I do that a lot to Vance and I'm going to start today to try to stop. I come home upset, vent to him, my phone rings and I answer it in this cheery voice. Why does a strange get my nice side? When he, the guy who puts up with me, gets my grumpy side? Do you guys do this? Why is it? Sometimes I think a sign of a good friendship is letting that friends she your "true colors." Even though sometimes those colors aren't so pretty. Well, I'm going to save my rainbow for my friends and loved ones and all of you strangers out there had better watch out!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Just a couple pictures....
My beautiful sister and my gorgeous daughter.
My handsome cousin....with a rare smile and my sister.
They had a wonderful day to enjoy being dressed up, fussed over, and young....