Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine Wreath

As you saw from the post below, I am in a bit of a crafting obsession. There are worse things to be obsessed with, right? So I found this Valentine wreath here. I decided I could make it too!

Here's my makes me smile. Vance was also impressed which is a bonus!
Just me and my trusty glue gun.
I hung it in the half bath.
Where I found the following.
It just baffles me...
Towel Ring
1 ft of space....what's the problem here?

p.s....this is what my living room looks like. Good glitter, my mom would freak out! She probably is anyway because of the glue gun....on. the. carpet.! Love you mom!

Changing things up...

This is the only productive part of this post....
Last year I was so good about planning our meals. This year I couldn't get in the groove, but with the rising grocery prices...I can't just keep hodge podging my way through the grocery store. So a friend got me moving in the right direction and this week we are organized! I'm excited to know what's cooking every night!

Soooo....I've been blog stalking all these crafty blogs and I just want to make my house "pretty." It seems so effortless when you check out the blogs. They just come up with these ideas! Anyway, I decided to get busy!

So...I saw this idea to put mason jars on our chandelier. I love it. It really changes things up. I might paint the rings and have messed around with painting the whole chandelier, but that seems a little permanent right now.

On Friday, I went shopping for pretties....
First score was this bowl!
I used by Hobby Lobby gift card to buy this shelf and the bowls both came from Target.
Got this tray for our "stuff."
In love with this hanger.
I also made a V-day wreath and bought stuff to make a few more.
I'm sure Vance is about ready to strangle me, but it makes me happy. He cuts and glues wood...I glue crepe paper...
Secretly, I think he is jealous of my hot glue gun though!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Emma!

On January 13, 2004 my daughter was born. From the beginning, she was an easy baby. We loved her immediately and that love affair has been growing every since.
Miss Emma,
What a sweet and funny girl you are. I love the random questions that come out of your mouth. I love that you always try to be kind to others.
I love YOUR love for Jesus.
I am in awe of your ability to grasp concepts bigger than all of us.
I giggle when I see you outside decked out in lace, tulle, pink, glitter, and bling and covered from head to toe with mud.
What a true farm girl you are.
I love your interest and small obsession with animals.
Right now you want to be a vet when you get big and I think that would be awesome. You would make a great vet.
You are also an accomplished knot producer. It never ceases to amaze us what you can tie together.
I love our time together on Monday nights on the way home from dance...what information I learn in that short drive.
I can't wait to see you grow into a young lady...but yet I can...
In my class you get to make your birthday crown. Usually we do it days in advance, so we use regular glue and it has time to dry. Emma wanted to make one today, so I let her use the hot glue gun.
All ready for her big day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emma's Friend Party

Emma had a friend party at home this year. She invited 6 friends and one couldn't make it. Although, there were moments that were pretty drama was a pretty good party. Things I now know: It will be a VERY long time before we have a "slumber party" and there has to be planned games...without them, you. will. go. down! My sister, Lauren, made the cupcakes and we both made the cute tags!

The friends...I think this is a really cute picture!
Playing headbandz...a very fun game for many ages.
Musical chairs...not a favorite.
Pin the tail on the donkey....peekers:(
Presents! She got this beautiful leather cross made by MaKinley and her dad.
a travel etch a sketch which she wanted very badly...
baby zhu zhus and stepping stones...we are excited to try!
Thursday is her actual birthday! What a week:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Beautiful Girl

Emma had two birthday parties this weekend. Her friend party was yesterday and her family party was today. Both were a big hit despite the frigid temperatures. She is a very blessed and lucky girl. I will be posting pictures of the parties later, but wanted to share these gorgeous pictures Jenn took of Emma for her 7th birthday. Enjoy....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in 2011

Vance was on call this year for New Year's so we decided to stay at home. Each kid invited a friend over and we had lots of fun. They played and played and played! I never heard any bickering or whining!
We let them stay up until midnight...cuz I'm the coolest:)
Then I mixed lemonade and 7 up together and called it bubbly:)
Then we all sat on the rug and watched the ball drop and yelled Happy New Year!
Then it was time to snuggle down for the night. 3 girls all cuddled in.
2 bestest friends all snuggled under a fort mom erected in a hurry:)
Cool, huh?
2 funnies:
These manly boys are so sweet. Minutes after I put them to bed they were all snuggled together almost touching curled up asleep.
I asked Bronson if he had a pillow and he said, Yes, I have a pillow....AND a pet:) It's a pillow pet!
Here's to a great 2011