Monday, August 31, 2009

I Hereby Declare....

That sometime husband and I should switch jobs for the day. Kind of like spouse job swap. After the day I had, and BOY was it a doozy....I was complaining and Vance was all pfttttt....that's nothin'.

So, then he started complaining about his day....and I said, bring it on! So we decided that we should each switch for the day. I know physically, I couldn't keep up with his job all day, but I'm pretty sure mentally he couldn't handle mine.

What do you guys think?

Could your husband do your job?
(Can you see him up there?....clear at the top!)
Could you do his?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That Groove

We're groovin' right along in the Frederick household. Just a quick update:
The menu thing is going great! I love knowing what's on the menu you for the next night and doing all the prep work or laying out the meat. It makes the guessing game so much easier.
My kiddos are getting up great in the morning. They each have an alarm set and Emma has her clothes layed out. Sometimes, I'm not thrilled with what Colby chooses, but oh well.
I'm really trying to take care of "paperwork" as soon as it comes in my door. If a bill comes, I write out the check and get it in the mail. Same for school stuff. Picture order forms, soccer registration, etc.....send that stuff back out the door!
I am written in my "teacher book" everyday except for today, b/c I left about 10 mins. early. Hopefully, I can get caught up in the morning b/c I don't want to get behind.
I am also trying to keep a running grocery list, to make things easier, but we're still working on that:)
Also, I'm having a hard time with 2nd grade homework. It's intense! So far, we're trying to do it as soon as we walk in the door, but that's not always ideal. Like tonight....
Tonight, we headed to Canton to see Lorn Lorn! We went to a mexican restaurant for supper, where my children order chicken nuggets. Gotta love them! It was fun to see her dorm, we have a picture in our head to imagine. She has a snazzy laundry room, bathroom right across the hall, and a pretty sleek lounge. Things could be MUCH worse.
No other plans this week, so hopefully we can hammer out that schedule a little bit more.
I am so thankful that we are finished building our seems as the kids get older the running becomes more and at least we're not rushing from here to there working on it!
Leaving you with a sweet picture....

Jammie party at Lorn Lorn' time we're really leaving them!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back in the Groove

Time to get back in the blogging groove...hopefully now that school has started I'll do better!
What we've been up to!
Last weekend, we took the kids camping. We had a great time, being away from the hustle and bustle of life. We sat around the fire, played in the lake, and did a lot of fishing. Colby and Emma had a great time! Our campsite was perfect.
This week, was filled with last minute things. One night, mom, lauren, jenn, and i went shopping for lauren's college essentials! We helped her fill multiple carts with purple accessories. It was a lot of fun!
Thursday, I dropped our kids in Bible Grove for 5 days! I know they will have a great time....
Friday, I got a visit from Corin, Steve, and Levi. Levi is lots of fun with his little phrases and love for the outdoors. Reminds me so much of Colby.
This weekend, Vance and I along with the Shaws went to the Lake for a romantic getaway. Vance and I had never "celebrated" our 10 year anniversary, so we had a good excuse:) Saturday, we rented a boat for the afternoon and had good times out on the water. Bree and I did some shopping and we talked the boys into an old time photo.
So, off to work I go tomorrow. I'm ready to get back into a routine. My back to school resolutions:
1)always have a "menu" made out for the next week, so I know what to lay out the night before
2)write in my "teacher book" everyday, so I have plenty of documentation!
3)have my children's clothes layed out every night and be ready for the next day, so there isn't a morning scramble
4)enjoy Emma's first year of school!
Do you have any resolutions?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Check out this giveaway!

I want it.

I never win anything!

I might pout if I don't win!

Or cry.

Or stomp my feet!

Or whine!

Stop by Amy Honestly to win this....


Ya know what?
I AM anti-social sometimes...
and that's o.k.
Everyone needs some alone time.
If I go to the roping pens,
and sit all by myself and read a book,
and only look up when Vance ropes,
and answer only MY children when they need something,
that's o.k.
I get in those funks.
I get them more in the summer, when I'm all by myself...except my kids of course...all day.
I do my thing.
Read books.
Watch t.v.
Do lots of heavy cleaning.
And get used to my own thoughts.
So, sometimes, I might silence my phone (except I haven't learned how to on my new phone yet),
or choose not to answer an email,
the voices in my head are pretty friendly.
Don't take it personally....
you can be friends with my voices too!
I think that's why I haven't blogged much this summer...
I'm anti social!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


....the weather! Is what I've been! Oh my goodness was I sick. I don't remember ever being. that sick. for that long. It was awful. I started last Monday night....and today is the first "good" day I've had in 8 days! My husband was about really to kill me, the kids wanted to trade me in, and my friends were checking their schedules to send me on a one-way ride to A.N.Y.W.H.E.R.E! I was crabby, unsocial, and not myself. I just plain, didn't feel good. I woke up sick, got achy and chilly throughout the day....and was a grouch by bedtime. I finally went to the dr. Monday...after dealing with this for a week, and she said the reason I wasn't over it was b/c I never threw up and so my body was holding on to the toxins from the infection (stomach flu) longer than most people. My 2 kids had the flu and were over it within 12 hours....
So my advise...
if you get the flu,
just go throw up,
you'll feel much better,
much quicker!