Monday, September 28, 2009

The Autographs.....

I ordered the kids very simple autograph books to take with us to Disney World. They decorated them with stickers on the plane. I was very glad that they were spiral bound b/c we just hooked them to their lanyards and carried them around with them. We had lots of people comment on how handy that would be b/c they were constantly digging their's out of a bottomless bag. We feel very fortunate to have seen and meet so many characters.....
enjoy the pictures!

Character Dining....

Every character acted like they had all the time in the world....
it was definitely worth it!

Downtown Disney Continued!

Next time, (yes there will be a next time), we will eat was so awesome we just walked around!
It was kind of themed after the ice age...very neat!

How cool is that!?

We explored the Lego store! All this stuff was made of legos.

The wall behind them is full of little men to purchase!

All colors, shapes, sizes, etc.!

Once upon a toy....also very cool! It had "timeless" toys....Rainforest cafe, also a neat place to eat.
A Downtown Disney recap....
What a neat place to explore! I wish we could have went back the last day to purchase our souvenirs. The first night, it was all a little overwhelming, but it had much more of a selection. It also had the castle Emma fell in love with and ended up buying with "grandma and papa's money." We also enjoyed riding the water taxi from one end to the other!
Next day...the Magic Kingdom!

Walt Disney World!!! (Traveling and Downtown Disney)

All packed up and ready to go! We basically decided to leave as soon as Emma got home from dance on Monday night. Our plane departure got moved up til 7 and I'm a big believer in getting to the airport early, to have plenty of we left that night instead of at the crack of the middle of the night. If you know Vance and I, neither one of us likes to get out of bed, but we can stay up all night long!
So we are all packed and ready to mom and dad and jenn stop by to tell us good-bye. We took a few pictures....Natalee wants to come too! Poor baby, they wouldn't let me bring her!
One last picture, before we left.
Needless to say, the night in our van was a long one, but totally worth it!
Finally on the shuttle bus at the airport!

In the air, Colby turned to me and grinned....Thanks mom for letting us fly in an airplane! Welcome, buddy!
Our flight to Atlanta was pretty snazzy, we had little t.v. screens in front of each of us and we could plug in our ear phones and watch t.v. Emma watched Diego and Vance listened to music. Colby kept his eyes glued out the window. Our layover was uneventful and pretty soon we were bound for Orlando! When we got there it was off to find the Disney Magical Express! That was pretty awesome, we felt like celebrities!

All aboard!
When we arrived at our hotel, we were given our 1st Visit! buttons and our hotel keys. These keys were like the magic card to anywhere. We soon found out we needed to have these with us at ALL times...they held power to get us into any park, transportation, and use our dining plan. We soon checked into our room and explored the resort.
Pretty snazzy! The kids and Vance swam for a bit and I just hung out and took pictures.
The kids were obsessed with the ducks at our resort!
After exploring, we changed and took off for Downtown Disney. That place was pretty awesome, and I wish we could have spent more time there. We had supper at Planet Hollywood, but if I could do it again I would have ate at T-Rex.
We did get to see the orginal hammer from Home Improvement though!
Then it was off to expore. Downtown Disney is made up of three parts and all the parts had shops. We went to the Wicked Witch's Cauldron and saw all her poisonous candy.....
and watched lots of performers and even got involved in a few performances!
More pictures to come.....