Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I did it!

I finally did it!
Won something at Bunco!
Bree and I started it in January.
So I've organized, planned, emailed, called, cleaned, cooked....
and NEVER won!
Not even the boobie prize.
So then I stomped, pouted, whined.....
all of the things I wouldn't allow my daughter to do.
And it never helped.
So tonight I lived up to my name as the loudest, most thunderous friend.
I whooped, hooted, hollered, shouted, clapped....
And I got the MOST buncos!
It was so exciting.
Even when Bree tried to trick me.
She's mean.
Don't like her.
She'll get you every time!
Anyway, it was very exciting.
Now I'm going to bed.
Because this post doesn't make sense.
Good night friends!
And head over to the trunk or treat tomorrow at LCC for a good time!
I promise:)!

p.s. this post goes against everything I ever learned in English. Never, EVER start a sentence with AND. Just so you know....English rules don't apply when blogging. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Rowland never let me use................. either!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you think this is odd...

Let's face it...
if i'm going to type it just skip down to the comments,
say yes,
and get on with your day!

My kiddos are odd. Yes, that's right!
Breaking news.
Colby is 7 1/2
Emma is almost 6
And the toothfairy has never REALLY visited our house.


It's true

How strange?

Colby had 2 teeth pulled last year before Christmas, but other than that neither one of them has even a hint of a loose tooth.

Poor kids.

They'll be loosing teeth in junior high and high school. How embarrassing during sports, huh?

I think they get it from me, in fact I'm sure of it.

My teeth were extremely hard to pull out and I was still loosing them well into grade school. In fact, after I lost one, my dad would just hand me a buck. Why go into all the sneaking around, I was old enough to know.

So, my poor daughter has resorted to eating an apple a day in hopes of loosening a tooth....poor girl.

I hope it works!

How's that for a totally worthless, unimportant, rambling post?

Night All!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A year ago....

A post from a year ago....
whew, what a difference a year makes!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We worked our tails off tonight. As soon as I got to the house, I started sweeping and sweeping and sweeping. Vance wrapped our log and sanded and I....swept. Then I started vacuuming out all the rooms...the outlets, light switches, and along all the edges. I finished all the first floor and have the basement all swept and didn't get to Emma's room. Hopefully, our hard work will help Kelly and the guys. They are running a little behind and are not sure we can paint this weekend. He's hoping to prime and texture tomorrow and then that will leave Friday to paint the ceilings and closets. I hope he at least gets some rooms finished so we can get a start. I don't have any obnoxious ambitious notions like getting the whole house painted this weekend, just most of it:) No really, I will be happy with whatever happens. It's all part of the plan.

Thank you everyone who made it happen!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Check out my snazzy family!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


That's how I feel tonight.
Today, I was up to my ears in rude comments from one particular student. After he called me a foul name, I took him to the office. Seriously, we just skip all the hoopla and start at the office...but oh well. So usually after I've once again "failed" with that student, a sense of depressions envelopes me. I just feel "down". No other word for it. The kids can tell and my teaching shows it. Today, not so much. I had a great rest of the day. I was carefree, fun, and attentive and my class could tell. We had great fun. I felt peaceful. There was no eye twitching or pounding headache. Then I get on my blog and read how everyone is praying for me and read all my lovely emails from friends. IT WORKED! The power of prayer....WOW! What a awesome feeling. So, thank you for thinking/praying for me. I appreciate and so does my class.

On another note, my Emma is getting baptized on Sunday. She has been asking for over a year. She understands what she is doing and is mature enough to accept the responsibility. Of course, we will still nuture her relationship with Jesus and help it grow as she does. Her prayer mentor, Miss Lynne, is baptizing her. Lynne keeps thanking me for the opportunity. No, Thank You! What an impact she has made on my daughter. It's so amazing. Tonight she gave Emma a doll and crown to tell the story of baptism. She talked to Emma about how she will be Jesus's princess when she comes out of the water. Emma prayed tonight, "Pwease God hewp all of my sins be washed away when I get bapitized....." so sweet and innocent! Thank you Miss Lynne, you are a blessing!

So I go to bed tonight, much calmer and peaceful than last night. Tonight, I will count my blessings.....

You do it too!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

**I QUIT**

I quit!
My job!
I'm at the end of my rope!
I can't handle anymore.
I spent my entire hour break on the phone with parents, I had 7 students not bring back their evening homework. GRRRR!!! How frustrating.
Since we are only a section of 2 teachers, we don't have an in room. So, the students that do no do their homework have to do it outside at recess. That is effective....
30 degrees, children playing everywhere, damp cement....very conducive for a wonderful learning environment.

Besides that, the behavior problems in my room this year are out of control. I carry, lug, move a student to the corner at least once a day.
I'm tired.
I'm exhausted.
I can't do it anymore.

On top of that, I have to stay after school today for cheerleading camp. Yes, I know this was my choice...but oh well. Then I have to come back for the board mtg at 7. I hope my mood improves, or they could get an ear full.
Tomorrow, I have to stay until 4:30 for mandatory work in your room and then be in a decent mood for church @ 6. I will have less than an hour at home. UGH!
Thursday, I have an IEP mtg. after school.
Maybe I should just bring my pillow and sleeping bag and just spend the night.

I think I'm going to scream.

Plus, I'm so done by the time I put them on the bus, that I just need 10 mins of quiet, but as soon as I hit my room I take off my teacher hat and become the mommy again...or sometimes I wear both hats at the same time!

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave.

I hope the next post makes a lot more sense....this one is just pouring on the screen as my fingers fly....

Monday, October 5, 2009

The End of the day that would not end....

Off to Epcot after Chef Mickey...isn't this picture neat? Note my amazing husband's friends...the backpack cooler. He packed this things for 3 days straight, never complaining. We carried 8 bottles of water, ice, ponchos, and other important things every day...ok he, not we. That saved us a ton of money when you think that the water was over $3.00 a bottle!
At Epcot we rode a few more rides. Here we are getting ready to fly to Mars. Not my favorite ride, but at least we can say we did it.

At this ride, we are test driving a GM vehicle....we are the crash dummies. It was very interesting.

It's neat how all Disney rides are "plotted" after a cartoon or have a learning opportunity presented. When we rode these rides, we really felt like we were flying to Mars, from the elaborate decorations to the ride attendants clothing.

A futuristic car...Colby and Vance holding up the ball.
Note that my children have changed clothes. We are now back at the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day and for the fireworks until I realized that there are not fireworks every night. Imagine my disappointment.
So be prepared for my pouting for the next few hours until I also realize there is a Halloween party and my husband agrees to buy us tickets to stay! Told you he was amazing!
So we ride all of our favorite rides again and then get ready for the party. Here my kids are BACK in their costumes, b/c we are going trick-or-treating at DISNEY WORLD! Can you imagine? It was pretty awesome. As the party gets ready to start, things get incredible. The decorations are changing right before our eyes. It truly is the most magical place on Earth. See why Colby buying that costume was such a good idea?
We watched an amazing show of lots of the villains from the movies.
Watched an awesome parade. Rode some rides in the dark. And then settled on the ground for the fireworks.
I could show you pictures.....
Until your eyes bled....
But I won't....
Keep in mind that these are all set to music...

When the fireworks were done, we walked around for a bit more. We stumbled upon Snow White and ALL 7 DWARFS...but were too exhausted to wait in line...so I took a picture of someone else's child:)
Emma is officially dead to the world and I am carrying her. Vance and Colby are riding just a few more rides and who would we see....? BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! Yes, I know Colby should have had on his costume, but come on...how many times can you change a kid?
It's now 11:45, the park is about ready to close. Emma and I go buy her magical castle that is almost 2 ft high and weighs a ton. We stumble to our bus....get in our rented car....cram in the castle....and make our way to Cocoa Beach.
We had an awesome time!
I just want to say that this vacation was not at all necessary. We could have used this money for much more practical things. We are SO glad we went! Memories made that will last forever, and we can't wait to do it again. We are very thankful for a Lord who provides for us...even when it's not always practical!
Next stop....Cocoa Beach for much needed relaxing....
Good bye Magic Kingdom....

Day 3: The day that would not end....

Friday morning we got up for our last day at Disney:(. We had reservations at Chef Mickey at 10:00, but we also had to be all packed up and ready to check out. It was nice to sleep in for a little bit though.

This is a picture of Chef Mickey, it's a buffet restaurant in the middle of a hotel. That wall is windows.
We had some time to kill, so we got dressed up and Colby bought a costume, which came in handy later.

Breakfast was yummy and just what we needed!

There were Mickey shaped waffles, but neither of my kids wanted them.

These were all toppings for ice cream!

A picture from the other side. It was so amazing...do you see all the floors at the back of the picture?
A princess and a Buzz Lightyear!
The characters started arriving....

Who's missing? That's right, Vance. This whole time that we've been eating, exploring, shopping, Vance was renting us a car to drive us to the beach. It took FOREVER! This was a great day, but it was very much a "Hurry Up and Wait" day....sometimes the transportation just doesn't jive. We had a wonderful waitress who let us stay and stay and stay, while we waited on Vance and then he got to eat. The good thing about that? We got to see the characters twice:)!

Another view from the second level. We are getting on the Monorail to go to Epcot and search for the last few princesses.
I'm tired just reliving this day, but it turned out to be a blast...more to come!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Emma's burn

Saturday night we went to a ballgame to watch a few friends and neighbors play and cheer. It was cold and dreary and Emma wanted hot chocolate. I let her go down and get a cup and the next thing I know is people are yelling at me to come down. The drink had splashed out and hit her hand and burned her. BAD! We headed to the ambulance and they helped us out. We have used 2 kinds of cream and are keeping it covered. This is what it looked like Sunday morning.

During church it got popped and now it's much uglier and even more important to keep covered b/c of infection. Emma is in major diva mode and thinks she should be treated like royalty! I'm taking her to the doctor on Monday to make sure I'm doing everything right. What a scare!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Epcot and Animal Kingdom

After character dining on Wednesday, we decided to take advantage of magic hours and headed over to Epcot. Magic Hours are only for guests staying on Disney, so the amount of people are cut in half. We did quite a big of exploring and we're in awe by the famous "ball." We felt like we were in space quite a big....how amazing. We also rode a ride called Soarin'. It was crazy! We felt like we were parasailing over California and even smelled the orange orchards and evergreens in the mountains! I'd say it is one of our favorite rides. So, after a VERY long day, we headed back to our hotel room and CRASHED!!!

Thursday morning, we got up and went to Animal Kingdom. Colby really enjoyed this park.
We rode this ride that was on Mt. Everest. We were running from the Yeti. It was the scariest roller coaster we went on, but everyone including the princess liked it and I think we rode it 3 times.
This is Colby and Vance all ready to go.
We also headed to Dinoland. There was a ride that Emma wasn't tall enough to ride, so while Vance and Colby got their bones jarred, Emma got her face repainted.

And we bought her princess ears.
We went on a neat open-air jeep safari through "Africa." We drove by really animals just out in the open. What an experience.
They had a neat jungle-jamming parade that was WiLd! I can't believe how much work goes into all the planning.
At Rafiki's island....

A pretty rainbow at Mt. Everest...
A show as the park closed...
The Animal Kingdom closed at 5, so we headed over to Epcot again. Like I said, after the Magic Kingdom....Animal Kingdom was kind of a let down, but I'm glad we went....Colby loved it!