Sunday, February 27, 2011

Side Table

So last Sunday I begged Vance to go out to my dad's barn and get barn original reasoning was to reframe a couple of mirrors that I had gotten. He went...grudgingly, but he went:) They sat in the shop for the week and then I started to get an itch to do something with them. I also kept thinking about these 2 porch columns that I found in my dad's barn too...that place is full of treasures.
This afternoon (my mom kept the kids) Vance and I made a table. It started as a sofa table, but then it kept growing and growing.
These were two 8 foot long porch columns and we decided that putting them too close together would make them look funny. So we expanded the table and it is now a side board. That's what they are called, right? You know...where fancy people keep their food until they are served?
I haven't varnished or painted anything yet. I'll wait for nicer weather.
I think I'm going to paint the legs a weathered red and then try a glazing technique to show off all of the pretty grooves and such. I am really excited about this. It seems that I don't have many spots to just have pretties and I hope to be able to spread out some of my stuff.
Annette...notice the baskets:)
The 3 tier plate stand is all things from the dollar tree or salvation army.
I can't wait to build the sofa table now!
p.s. Thanks mom for having the kids out...we had a much needed break!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pet Peeve

I have to share a pet peeve of mine, but first I have to give you some background knowledge....
We grew up listening to music...rock and roll to be exact. My dad would get a "new" tractor and the first thing to be fixed was the radio...who cared if it had air...or much less a cab...or a seat that didn't rip your golly it had a radio. Some of my favorite times with my dad were hearing the story behind the band or musician and guessing the artist and winning a shiny new coin (depended on what was in his pocket...sometimes it was a dime...sometimes a quarter)!
So needless to say, I am a music person. Lately in the morning when I am driving to work, there is no music. I don't want to hear what the d.j. did last night, who died, or a sleep clogged voice squeak out someone's birthday. Maybe I'm rude...but really I don't. I also don't want to listen to the school lunch menu for the surrounding 50 million schools and who sponsored that school. I don't want to play the game what is in my purse or what you THINK should be in my purse. I don't want to guess what that sound was and I definitely don't want to think about how you made that sound.
I have 5 saved stations on my radio and sometimes I can flip through all 5 and there is not one song on! Makes me grumpy! I just need a song to jazz me up in the morning, but here I am getting more and more irritated as I drive along!
So there you have to get my panties in a punch early in the morning:)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digging Out...

No rest for the weary...
We don't have tons of livestock, but we do have enough that going out is inevitable. This is the drift in front of our garage. About 5 ft high. Emma thought this was great fun...
More drifts. It's hard to imagine how high this actually is...but there are 2/3 rows of landscaping bricks under all of that snow.
Our back yard.
Colby is shoveling the drive...he soon gave up.:)
Vance is shoveling a path to his blade....a. life. saver.
another glimpse of our driveway pre-bladed. You can just get a peek of our flower bed around the pole. It is 3 bricks high.
Last night, Vance brought all 3 coonhounds into his shed. Bear slept on the bed of the truck.
Sue and Bull slept in the dog doggie prison:)
While Vance dug out the blade and tractor, the kids and I (mainly me) dug out the dog houses. This is Duke' wonder he was scratching at the door to come in last night.
There is no way that Vance's dad's dog would have lived out there! I dug TONS of snow out of his dog house. After pulling everything out, we filled them back up with dry, warm hay.
They were thankful.
This is the drift on the south side of the hill. It was pretty tall!
Colby can almost reach the roof!
They still think it's great fun!

Our long part of the driveway. Vance was out for 2 hours blading away.
The spot in front of the shed is bladed, but he still had to tackle the spot by the house.
2 ft deep?
Down by the wing wall.

I am thankful that my husband was home today...first time that another Tri County worker (who has worked there 28 years) can remember not reporting for work.
I am thankful to hear all the wonderful stories of good Samaritans out there blading driveways for nothing but a wave and a smile.
I am thankful for another day to "dig out" and not have to head to school...Boy will there be stories to tell when we do get back there!
I am thankful for fb and it's's so nice to stay in touch with everyone out there!
Stay warm!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Storm of the Century...that is what some are calling it. I think I'll definitely remember it! Here is a picture taken at the end of December....
Here is that same view today...the tree line looks like it's a million miles away!
We fed our dogs 3 times today...mostly to check on them and also to make sure they kept their energy up. The first time I went out I fashioned this windblock for Sue and Colby and I put more hay in her doghouse.
She thanked me and Bull wanted to know where his windblock was. Around 9:30 this evening, Vance went out and brought all 3 dogs into his shed. He said all of their dog houses were packed full of snow.
Here are my flower beds which are 2 bricks high.
One more picture this afternoon....
Vance got sent home at 3:00...first time since he's worked there that I can remember them going home because of the weather. EVERYTHING in Lancaster has closed....gas stations, stores, etc.
Throughout the evening, the wind blew harder and harder and we even heard thunder. All of our doors and windows look like this. It's kind of hard to imagine, but I feel a little caged in. I can't imagine weathering this store in a 1 room, windowless cabin in the middle of the prairie.

Around 10, I opened my garage door to find this. It's about 5 feet high.
Hard to see the depth in a photograph, so I stuck my tiki torch in.

I tried to take pictures of the driveway, but the snowflakes wouldn't get out of the way:) I'm sure it'll be a sight in the morning!
I am so thankful for my warm house and a shed with wood heat if we were to lose electricity. I am also thankful that my husband is home safe and sound. This is the storm that writes history, but also takes lives. I pray that every one, even the thrill seekers, stay home. Roads don't need to be cleared.....until it's safe. NOTHING is so important to risk your life and the life of those who will have to dig you out of that snow bank.
We begin day 2 of the Blizzard 2011 tomorrow. It's kind of a weird feeling to go to bed and not know what you will find in the morning.
To remember:
Culver Stockton called off school for the first time in forever as did Truman.
My dad did not make it all the way home and walked the rest of the way.
Businesses closed....Casey's....BP.....
I'm sure there are many more, I'll have to add more later.

To Remember:

Posted at KTVO at 6:00 p.m. 2/1/11

I would go out on a limb and say...just stay home!

School Information

Updated 2/1/11 at 5:47 p.m.

Atlanta Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Agapeland Childcare in Fairfield - Closed Wednesday 2/2
Bevier School - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Brashear R-2 Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Brookfield Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Bucklin Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Callao C-8 - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Cardinal Community Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Central Lee Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Central Methodist University Macon, Trenton & Rolla Campuses - Closed Wednesday 2/2
Clark County R-1 - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Davis County Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Fairfield Community School District - Closed on Wednesday 2/2
Ft. Madison Public Schools Holy Trinity Schools - Canceled for Wednesday 2/2
Fun Factory Daycare of Kirksville, MO - Closed Wednesday 2/2
Green City R-1 Schools - Canceled Wednesday
Immaculate Conception in Macon - Closed Wednesday
KCOM - Closed Tuesday
Kids R Us Daycare - Canceled Tuesday 2/1 and Wednesday 2/2
Kirksville Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Knox County R-1 - Canceled Wednesday
La Plata R-2 Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Life Church School of Kirksville, MO - Closed Wednesday 2/2
Linn County Purdin Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Luray Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
All MACC Campuses - Closed on Wednesday 2/2
Macon R-1 Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Milan Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Novinger Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Schuyler County Schools canceled Wednesday

Schuyler County Head start canceled 2/2/11
Scotland County Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Shelby County Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2
Truman State University - Closed Wednesday 2/2
Van Buren Schools - Canceled Wednesday 2/2

Melody's School of Dance & Tumbling canceled on Wednesday 2/2

Event Cancelations

All public hearings for the Clark County Mitigation Plan scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday are canceled
Adair County Missouri Courthouse will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Adair County Public Library closed Tuesday
Adair County LPRC meeting Tuesday canceled
American Red Cross blood drive at Truman State University canceled for Tuesday (Wed. blood drive still on as of now.)
4-H Baring County Liners Tuesday meeting canceled
Celebrate Recovery at The Crossing Church canceled Tues. 2/1
Grace Community Bible Church Tuesday morning Lady's Bible study cancelled
The Family Historical Workshop sponsored by the Adair Co. Historical Society has been canceled for Tuesday
High Hope Employment Services supported work crews in Kirksville & Milan canceled Tuesday
The Kirksville Aquatic Center will be closed all-day Tuesday
K-REDI meeting Tuesday has been canceled
Kirksville Christian Women's Connection canceled Tuesday
Kirksville Community Chorus canceled
Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission meeting Wednesday is canceled
KirkTran & Adair County OATS will not run Tuesday
Kirksville Social Security Office closed Tuesday
City Council Meeting at Green City scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Tues. February 1, 2011 is canceled.
Kirksville Quota Club canceled Tuesday
George Rea Cancer Center in Kirksville closed Tuesday & Wednesday
Hair Academy in Kirksville closed Tuesday
Ear, nose & throat specialty clinic at Scotland County Hospital is canceled.
Tenco Industries is closed Tuesday 2/1Sigourney, Iowa, is under a Snow Emergency from Noon Tuesday, 2/1 through Noon Thursday, 2/3
The Scotland County Memorial Library will be closing at 10 am Tuesday 2/1
Weight Watchers in Kirksville canceled Tuesday 2/1. Next meeting Thursday, Feb. 3.
The Putnam County Courthouse in Unionville will be closing at Noon Tuesday 2/1.
Crown Family Medicine in Kirksville is Closing at Noon Tuesday 2/1
Kirksville, Mo. is under a Snow Emergency effective on Tuesday, 2/1 at 6 a.m.
FedEx deliveries out of Quincy, Ill. are canceled for Tuesday 2/1
Heartland Pregnancy Center is closed today, all classes will be rescheduled
Macon Co. Health Dept. closing 1pm Tuesday and will be closed all day Wednesday.
LaPlata City Court is closed
Adair Co. Health Department is closed
First Baptist Church in Kirksville, office closed
Long Branch Area YMCA is closed
Adair County Family YMCA closing at noon Tuesday
Knox County Health Department closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Schuyler Co. Medical Reserve Corps meeting is canceled
Putnam Co. Health Dept closing at Noon Tuesday, will reopen Noon Wednesday
The Drake Public Library in Centerville, Iowa, closed Tuesday
Keokuk Public Library is closed
Opthalmology Consultants & Young Image Optical is closed
Ottumwa Quilt Guild will not meet Tuesday
Quincy Medical group & Affiliated clinics will close at noon
LaPlata basketball Tournament postponed
Blink Of An Eye is closed
Ottumwa trash and recycling pickup Wednesday is postponed until Thursday
Farm & Small Business estate planning class at Putnam & Knox County High Schools is canceled.
The Health and Fitness Center Gym in Kirksville will be closing at Noon Tuesday and closed on Wednesday
Fellowship Baptist Church in Kirksville will be closed Tuesday 2/1/11
Knox County License Office in Edina is closed Tuesday, Feb 1 and Wednesday, Feb 2. There is no Driver’s Testing in Edina on Tuesday, Feb 1.
Northeast Regional Medical Group, Family Wellness Clinic, Kirksville Urology & Mo. Heart will close at Noon Tuesday and be closed Wednesday.
Fairfield-All basketball games tonight canceled
KCOM Thompson Campus Center closed at noon Tuesday
Bingo Tuesday night at the Ottumwa Elks Lodge is canceled
Kirksville and Macon RAIL offices closing at noon Tuesday
All Cubscout Pack 62 activities canceled
The Love I.N.C. Food Pantry located at the Kirksville Nazarene Church will be closed on Wednesday, Feb 2.

Centerville Mat Club is cancelled for Feb. 1. Last practice for beginners will be Feb. 8 -regular time.
Shoe Sensation of Kirksville will be closing at 2 pm Tuesday
The Quincy Place Mall will close at 4pm Tuesday
The Ottumwa Water and Hydro business office will be closing at 2PM today (Tuesday, February 1st.) Customers needing to pay their water bills today can do so at the courtesy counter at north or south Hy-Vee.
Northeast Missouri State Bank will be closing the Kirksville and LaPlata facilities along with drive-up banking at 2:00 pm Tuesday.
The Mocha Hut in Kirksville is closed
Kirksville Taekwon-Do Classes are canceled for Tuesday, February 1, 2011
The Hannibal Children’s Center will be closed on Wednesday.
Radiation Oncology services at the James E. Cary Cancer Center have been closed for Wednesday morning.
Hannibal Outpatient Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy services will be closed at all locations on Wednesday. Appointments are being rescheduled.
Hannibal Regional Hospital Sleep Laboratory will be closed Wednesday.
Hannibal Regional Hospital Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation will be closed Wednesday.
Hannibal Regional Hospital’s Diabetes Support Group for Wednesday evening has been cancelled.
Missouri Christian Institute at Styles Christian Church Cancelled.
All SEIDA office in SE Iowa closing at 2 pm.
Ottumwa VA Clinic closing at 2 pm Tuesday, closed on Wednesday
Rathbun Area YMCA no Tuesday evening or Wednesday Morning classes
R.A.I.L. in Kirksville & Macon closing at 12 p.m.
Sigourney IA - Solid Waste for curb site pickup will be Friday instead of Wednesday recycling will remain the same
Ottumwa YMCA Building closes Tuesday 6 pm, Re-open 10 am
Keokuk County Courethouse closed - Wednesday 2/2
Kirksville Municipal Court - cases Thursday 2/3 canceled
Hamilton Street Baptist Church activities canceled Wednesday
Kirksville Optimist Club will not meet Wednesday
Ignite at Fellowship Baptist Church is canceled for Wednesday 2/2.
Putnam County Health Department will be closed until noon on Wednesday, February 3rd.
Putnam County WIC scheduled for Wednesday, February 3rd has been canceled.
Advanced Surgical Arts Clinic/Dr. Kelly Burchett closed Wednesday
The Uptown Cafe will be closed Wednesday
All Northeast Missouri Health Council Clinics closed Wednesday--Kirksville, Edina, Milan
Blood Drive at Truman State University canceled Wednesday
KirkTran & Adair County OATS will not run Wednesday

Cargill-Ottumwa.....all 2nd shift operations are canceled, except all maintenance, all shipping and all 3rd shift livestock should report as normal.

Maritz in Kirksville evening shift for Tuesday and day shift for Wednesday are canceled

Kirksville is under a snow emergency beginning at 6 a.m. Tuesday 2/1
The City of Ottumwa Snow Emergency Ordinance will go into effect at 1:30 PM Tuesday, February 01, 2011
The City of Centerville has enacted the Snow Emergency Ordinance until further notice