Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the crafty cAve

Well, my little side business is flourishing. I am enjoying spreading vinyl goodness all around and having a little $$ on the side. I started a blog for non-facebookers. Go here and leave a comment if you want to order.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Build a Bear!

Aunt Lauren gave the kids gift certificates to build a bear for Christmas. We went during our break. They had a great time picking out which one they would stuff.
Emma got a heart that really beats...that's her favorite part.
Colby's bear is 'manly.'
air baths!!
making a birth certificate.
All finished. Emma had quite a time picking an outfit. She wanted it to be indian-like. She ended up getting a jedi costume. Colby went all the way army.
The mall was pretty fun too!

Cold Stone Creamery afterward:)

Thanks Aunt Lauren!! new love!

I've been having lots of fun with my new silhouette, here are some things I've created.
A roping sign for a truck or trailer.
I detailed my friend's sewing machine but can only find the picture of the front side.
A family sign for a beautiful lady!
I also blinged out my silhouette!
Through a jungle themed baby shower.

Made some super awesome soap dispensers!
Custom sign for my dad's truck.
Last name in floating frames.
I was hired to decorate my principal's door.
And add a welcome sign to our school.
Made for a little girl's bedroom.
I labeled my canisters.
For a special hunter!
I love this saying!
and a pallet shelf!!
this is where i charge my drill :)
Projects waiting to finish.....
for my bathroom
for emma's bff :)

custom order.

Emma's 8th Birthday Extravaganza!

I might have went a little overboard for Emma's birthday this's ok, you can think it. Her and I have worked ard this year and we deserved a big bash....I think Emma thinks so too! Her birthday began on Friday the 13th! She opened a couple of shirts that morning and wore one to school. After school, she opened the rest of her presents. It included a pink bb gun. I love this look. Colby is laying down the rules!
Then we got ready for a night on the town!
First, supper at Nurachi's. Vance loved it and is dying to go back!
Then Beauty and the Beast 3D! I loved experiencing this with her. Vance and Colby saw We Bought a Zoo.
So Fun!
The next day, she tried her hand at that pink bb gun...seems she's a pretty good shot.
Saturday evening we had our first sleepover. It went really well.

We decorated teepees, made head bands, and roasted marshmallows for s'mores.
They ended the night with the movie Indian in the Cupboard.
Sunday, we had our family party.

My mom cooked squaw bread for a million years, it was SOOOOOOOOOO yummy.
Indian Girl!
I made her cake...the first time in 8 years!
Monday we had the day off, so we had our hair done and got pedicures. She also got a new hair feather.
I love this picture!

Then the next week she was surprised by a perfect picture from her Bonus Grandma.

It was a great weekend and I'm so glad to have all of those fun memories!