Sunday, September 19, 2010

A recap

The days have been flying by at a scary speed. I always feel overwhelmed this time of year, but once again I'm just trying to keep my head above water. I think it's because so many things start in September. Everyone seems to wait until after Labor Day and then WHAM...they let you have it. Plus, lots of activities are trying to cram in one more big Hurrah! before the cooler weather sets in.

Soccer has started and thankfully we played our first game this Saturday. We were so greatful that the weather held out. Colby is playing on the 5th and 6th grade team. Crazy to think! Vance is his coach and he picked the 3 tallest 3rd/4th graders to move up. It's definitely a challenge for Colby and dad works him twice as hard as everyone else. I love this action shot!
Awana is also in full force! I am the Cubbie director again this year and loving it. I love working with those little ones once a week. I feel like I'm making such a difference. Above is the group we had march in our Homecoming parade. I was so proud of those kids!
Last week was Homecoming Spirit Week. Emma loved dressing up each day and Wednesday was Disney Day! Here she is with two friends. Sylvia is someone off of Highschool Musical and MaKinley is Pocahontas!
I don't have a picture of Emma dancing yet, she goes twice a week this year...and I really should take a picture of Colby and I at war over homework! Oh. My. Goodness! It's always rough at the start.
Is September/October just as crazy for you??

Sunday, September 12, 2010


A perfect weekend! 2 days of enjoying friends and family and watching my husband rope.
Colby on the ever faithful Lady!
Emma found her courage and rode Joe by herself today. Hopefully, that continues!
Bronson hops on Joe like he rides every week. Right back in the saddle.
I hope to have many more pictures like this as my children grow.
Pretty girl:)
I love this picture. I'm thinking sepia.....
The weather was great, the kids were good, mom and dad came to watch Vance....and my laundry is almost done!
Great weekend!


Grandparents Day at our school was this past Friday. My kids are so blessed.
Colby with Grandma Joyce and Bonus Grandma Penny. Colby has spent many days and nights at Joyce's this year....and he loves every minute!
Emma with Grandma Cindy and Papa Curtis. My parents have bailed me out 100 times over this year and alot very recently. What would I do without them?
Colby with my parents
Emma with her Grandma Joyce.

Emma and Bonus Grandma Penny.
So many people tell me how lucky we are to have so many loved ones close by and they ask if I know it....yes, we know it!
Happy Grandparents Day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Church Camp

I-MO Christian Service Camp holds a very special spot in my heart. It was somewhere that my parents made sure I went every summer, no matter how tight the finances. I looked forward to going for weeks and would pack and repack my suitcase until it was just right! (and then leave something at home anyway). I started going as a pee wee camper, where you stay for 3 nights and went until I was a Senior in highschool. I-Mo is where I met my husband, and we both hold many good memories close to our heart.
Just a glimpse of the Chapel can bring a flood of memories. Memories of the Holy Spirit working so hard...memories of fleeing to the dorm for my last $2.00 of canteen money to put in the offering in hopes that we would make our goal. Memories of singing old fashion hymns with an overhead projector. Memories of practicing skits of our favorite Bible stories. Everyone was at church camp for the same reason...because the love Jesus. Not because of their size, clothes, or last name....what a safe place to be!
This past month, Vance and I had the privilege to take our family back to I-MO. It was the camp's annual family camp weekend and the camp's 50th Anniversary. What a surreal feeling, to be there with our kids. To show them all the things we treasured and hold our breath to see if the felt the same way. To tell them, if everyone gets off the bench in the mess hall and you are the only one sitting, it will turn over. The bell...means you should be somewhere, so go! Midnight swims are awesome...don't pass them up. Take your hat off when you eat or some little old lady will do it for you. All the great things kids should know!
Emma's friend was there for Saturday and Sunday! What a great surprise!
They spent many hours over here on those teeter totters!
Colby learning the proper way to play box hockey. It's kind of a right of passage...and he loved it. He had to twist Vance's arm to get him to play.
Colby also took his fishing pole and managed to catch several fish.
We saw many old deans and were reminded of some age old traditions. What a rejuvenating weekend....I think I need another one!