Thursday, May 27, 2010

Field Trips

I little update about my kid's field trips. I didn't get to go on either one...which is new for me. So I called on the grandmas.
Grandma Joyce went with Emma to KTVO and A.T. Still Museum. They ended up at the Y to play because of yucky weather.

Emma loved the whole "touching REAL bones" thing.
Grandma Cindy went with Colby to Canton. My pictures are out of order, but first Colby went to the Mississippi River. He watched a barge come in and rode a ferry across the river.
They finished the day bowling.

I appreciate our Grandmas that spent the entire day hanging with their grand children. People tell me all the time how lucky I am to have such support system...and we truly are blessed.
As I type I am getting ready to go get Colby and Emma from Grandma Joyce's. They have been there since Monday evening!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Party: Cowboy style.

The trail ride headed out....3 boys 3 men....
Vance and Braylon
Dad and Colby
Colby and Bronson
I didn't get a picture of Gerald and his ugly mule.
They all came back bow-legged men!
Emma and Sorrel roasting hotdogs...I didn't get a picture of the mess called 'smores.
Colby and his campfire cake. Aunt Lorn Lorn is awesome!
The decorated porch with Corin waving:)
His gift/cake table before it filled up.
I was very happy with his party. There was minimal downpours. I had a great time visiting with friends. Natalee loved riding Lady, and then hated it, and then loved it again. It was a perfect evening to hang out by the fire. Colby's #1 favorite gift was a can crusher...go figure. He thinks it will be a money making expedition. Emma watched Mama Cat have kittens, so she now knows where babies come from.
A great night:)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day and Flowers!

First, Let's all stop and admire my grass:) A little spotty, but it's getting there. If it's muddy, you still have to be pretty careful where you step.
After church on Sunday, we walked down to the pond to see if we could get close to the goslings down there, but no such luck.
But we got a couple of good pictures!
Vance got me a new hummingbird feeder. It looks like it's made out of an old coke bottle. I love it!
He also got me lots of bags of mulch! May not be exciting to you, but I am very happy to spread that mulch!
I hung my sheets out on the line and have slept good all week. Coincidence? I think not! This is also Duke's new favorite place to lay. He layed there so long on Sunday that he smelled like clean laundry!
Tuesday night, Emma and I planted flowers. The evening started with a naughty puppy in time out:(. He wouldn't stay away from the horses. When Emma tied him up, she said, "Well, this is life...get use to it!" Oh dear...
Here are Colby and Vance headed to ride. Colby is using his new saddle and Vance is riding my horse Hank.
Check out that shiny good lookin' saddle!
Here are some picture of our flower planting.
And Pose! She's a goof. Her hummingbird feeder got filled up, I just took the picture before.
Pretty geraniums.
Some kind of droopy flower.
and more

I love this boot! Thanks Annette!
I can't wait to plant more:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Boy

That first born...what a special spot they hold. Here is a recap of Colby's day.
Showing off his gift from last night. He got a hunting game for the Wii. Everyone enjoyed it !

He's not a cake lover. We put MORE glaze on Krispy Creme doughnuts and then sprinkles. YUM!
This is his birthday tree!
His dad picked out a new saddle!
Natalee got a ride too.
Soooo...the story. The first grandchild on my side. Oh how we awaited your arrival. There was painting and baby showers and fun! I was due on May 2nd. That day came and went. On May 8th, I was induced. I will forever be thankful that my doctor didn't use pit. She wanted my body ready first. However emotionally trying it was, I'm glad that my body got use to the idea before the heavy duty artillery was brought out. On May 9th, I was going to be sent home. Nothing was happening and of course, I was heartbroken. Who goes into the hospital thinking you are leaving without a baby? I know that I still had a baby, but I wanted to hold him and snuggle him....
Right before we got ready to leave, I was checked one more time and my water broke! HA! I was staying. I had terrible back labor, but after Colby turned all was well. I had him at 1:51 a.m. on Friday morning, May 10th. I loved my Dr....she was a student dr. and very attentive. We didn't know we were having a boy, but we were pretty confident. He weighed 8 lbs. and was 23 inches long.
Our first picture together.
Proud Papa and his cigar
My first mother's day, just 2 days later. Not the best picture, but a wonderful day. My mom came and cooked fried chicken for me in my tiny house and it was scrumptious!
Colby's first picture on a saddle, in July, in North Dakota. He has always been a cowboy at heart.
Colby and of their first pictures.
As you grow, I catch glimpses of the young man your going to become. I am so proud of the caring and sensitive boy you are. I get so nervous when you climb on top of a horse or step into the cow pen, but I know that your dad has taught you to be careful. I wasn't sure I was ready to be a mother, let alone the mother of a boy, but boy have I learned. I love to see the joy on your face when you've shot a bird, or hear the sweetness in your voice when you are playing with Natalee. Can't wait to see what year 9 looks like!
Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tell Me This Isn't A Good Thing!

Final Awana night!
Awards for everyone. Everyone received a participation award. My kids also received a book award for finishing their book, and an "almost" award for only missing one night of Awana (WDW). They are actually very excited, although Colby doesn't look like it.

Here they are checking out their book awards. It's the green ribbon.
Emma and Miss Lynne:)
Here are some random pictures of the crowd that showed up. How can this be a bad thing? Getting all these people into a church, to worship and see their children involved in God's word. Some of these children will lead their parents to the Lord. To me this is a wonderful thing, a wonderful program, and needs to be supported in all ways.

Here is my pretty flower for being the Cubbie director!
I am already excited for next year, but ready for a break too!