Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tallman Auto Parts

Colby is loving ball this year and it is a lot of fun to watch him. He went through a little hitting slump, but I bribed him and he has hit ever since. I love bribery:)
He loves to play infield. He has made some great plays and thinks quickly on his feet. He just needs to get more aggressive at fielding that ball.
We haven't had much opportunity for a catcher position this year, but when we do Colby loves to play it.

I am very proud of him and his talent!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mr. X.

We took the little sis to visit her brother and spent some more time just loving up on Xavier. So far he is very lazy and easy going.
Emma picked out a lovey for him.
Colby loves to hold him.
We got Natalee a doctor's kit. She likes the medicine.
A hat the hospital gave him.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Xavier Micheal

So my camera was dead:(
This is what I got with my phone.
Mike texted me the first picture...
Xavier Micheal
7lbs 4 oz
20 1/2 inches
6:24 a.m.
Waiting to meet him with gifts:)

We did not get a picture of the big sister in action...maybe tomorrow:)
All is well!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

story hour

pass it on:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our South Dakota Trip

Our first stop was Medora, ND. It has a national park that is gorgeous. You pay to go into the park and then can go in as much as you want for a week.

There are lots of prairie dogs. I thought this picture was cute.
There are also wild horses. We love to look/find them.
And Bison too! This one is right out of our truck window.
Emma loved picking the wildflowers!
When we got into Medora, we found out that there was a parade because it was Flag Day. We were exciting. It was an all horse parade. All. Horse. Parade. Boring! We were just ready to give up when the horse team and wagon for the musical in Medora went by. They were running and shouting. I thought it was all part of the show. Nope, the wagon team ran into a brand new SUV down at the end of the street. Oops. That was exciting.
We went into the park again right before evening. We got to see lots of wildlife as it cooled off. This deer was very close.
We also saw more horses. Vance walked out there to get better pictures.

That evening we stayed in a very classy hotel. It came with it's own fly swatter!

And a HUGE water heater!!
This is a picture of it from outside. Home Sweet Home.
This is a picture of a hotel that my Uncle Rich helped build. We didn't feel the need to splurge to spend the night there, but we did eat supper there. I forgot my camera, but it sure was an undertaking. There was 2 wineglasses a piece, 4 forks, cloth napkins, etc. The kids did great!
The next morning we ate at the Chuck Wagon...all because of this!
We then headed to Deadwood, SD. It is a really neat historic town. While Vance tried out a few of the slot machines, the kids and I road the trolley.
And took a few pictures. I loved all the chandeliers and old town feel.
This is a casino we got to go in. Gorgeous!
We then made it to Bear Country, U.S.A. An expensive place to go, but the kids love it!

We could have watched the baby cups at Babyland all day! So cute!

We then went to the Presidential Slide. You ride a chair lift to the top. We ate supper at the grill up there. You can see Mt. Rushmore behind us.
After our fun ride down the 2000ft slide, we got a close up view of Mt. Rushmore.
One of our favorite things to do is drive the pigtail bridges at Custer Park. Gorgeous!
I love this sign!
The next morning we went to Reptile Gardens. Emma loved it up!
She got to pet snakes:)
We went to the Alligator/Crocodile show and then got to pet a baby. This guy was great with the kids!
What the dome looks like inside. Very similar to the rainforest at the Omaha Zoo...only smaller.
We also checked out Rushmore Cave. Something I have never done on all my times in Keystone. It was really neat.
We met up with mom and dad and went to Crazy Horse. The have been working on this monument since 1948....and still have lots of work to do!
I don't know why I didn't add a picture of the actual monument. This is just a sculpture to show you what it will look like.
We went up the presidential slide again. And got a few pictures...
Mom and Dad catching up with her!
This next picture is totally for Mrs. Kenney. Colby thought we needed this.
Then Emma wanted her picture taken:)
Historic Keystone
Getting goofy by the end of the night.

One more trip up to Mt. Rushmore to see the lighting. There was a gorgeous lightning storm to watch too....
Whew! Lots of pictures....great time!