Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Night

I have to share a few more things before I go to bed. These are rosettes I made from old clothes this evening. Not sure what to do with them, but they were easy to make!
A wreath....whew! Do you know how long it takes to wrap a wreath in yarn? About 3 American Idol episodes!! I love it though! Thanks Corin for the yarn.
Tonight I made some satin flowers too. They were easy to make and included using a lighter:)
A picture of one candle stick glazed and one not. I'm thinking I need to tone the black down, but was a good first experience.

My weekend

Saturday, I took Emma to a make up dance day. When we got home, we planted lots of seeds. I hope this makes a difference in $$ when it's time to plant the garden. Every year we buy tomato and pepper plants. I also hope this helps with the size and harvest time. We made a huge mess in the kitchen, but it's cold outside!
I also got some of my fun stuff finished. This is a candle holder I made out of a thrift store lamp. I'm pretty excited about it, but can't decide where to put it....i carry it around everywhere. (I'm going to have to start taking before and after pictures).
I finished my shelves and Vance and Chance hung them for me. I'm in love with them! Not sure I love the paint job, but that can be changed. Why is it distressed when other people does it looks cool, but when I do it for myself it just looks dingy?
It's going to take me lots of time to fill them:)
I also spread out some of my other finds. I bought the two candle holders at Hobby Lobby and might change the color. The cake stand thing is from T J Maxx....i want to find something cool to put in there.

Tossing around a couple Easter decoration ideas to throw in the bowl.
The bottom of this is another candle holder thrift store find and the top is a bowl from the Dollar Store. Love this!
Right now I'm trying my hand at's VERY messy!

Friday, March 25, 2011

National Symbols

I assigned my first big "at home" project! One of our Social Studies GLE's is to recognize and know facts about some of our nation's symbols. I taught about Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Liberty Bell, White House, US Capitol, Washington Monument, The Statue of Liberty, and Lincoln Memorial. Then I assigned that each kid make a replica of their chosen symbol, learn 2 new facts, and show what the human symbol size ratio. I had some awesome projects!
This is Emma's crazy horse.
Statue of Liberty:)
This is made with painted expando foam!

See the people?
I have lots of other pictures, but unfortunately they have kids in them and I don't want to put other people's kids on here without permission! It was a super awesome project!

Cheer Camp

In March, Emma participated in the Truman State Cheer Camp. She really enjoyed it. She was at a camp all morning and then in the afternoon she got to cheer on the big court. Of course she had a whole entourage of people there to watch her:)
Natalee, Gigi, Grandma Cindy, and Corin came to watch! Aunt Lorn Lorn got buried underneath a pile of study guides:(
I made her and her friend, Sylvia, bows for their hair. It really helped them stand out!
The Grand Finale!

What a great experience! Thanks Jeanne for being the chauffeur in the morning!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sofa Table

I promise to now fill my house with barn board, but I got my sofa table last night. I am proud of myself for doing 'most' of it myself. I didn't do the table saw or draw knife, but most everything was me...with a little guidance.
We didn't have anymore found porch columns so we used logs. Vance likes it better, I'm not so sure.
Anyway...once again I have some pretties to spread about, but totally excited!!
p.s. I have picked tons of splinters out of my hand! There is probably lots of lead paint used and my hand is going to rot off...but my living room will look pretty so it's a win, win situation! We will also probably all get deathly ill from having some fancy word for "old wood" in our house, so if you come in and we are all dead, would you have it checked for me?