Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Christmas Workshop

Vance and I were married for 3 years before having kids and we spent many hours in his "woodshop." We made things that were awesome and not so great:) We bought new tools and learned together how to use them. He was the mastermind, I was the sander. Then....we had kids. While I was pregnant with Colby, we made a beautiful oak dresser/changing table that Colby still uses today. Emma...well she's still waiting. It's definitely hard to make it out there when you have 2 little ones. I would be angry at Vance if was out there by himself and we were both exhausted once the kids were in bed. Well, FINALLY we have reached a point in our life that we can work out there again. We are excited to make a lot of our Christmas gifts instead of buying them. Here are a couple of sneek peaks....
Natalee is getting a thimble cabinet.
It will hold 86 thimbles...I think.
And's a surprise!
If it was for you....what would you want it to be???

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Favorites

My cousin, Angela, recently took some picture of our family. I love that we can drag the guys to do this every year. What a treasure!
I've added some random favorites. This is not nearly all of them, but wanted some of my non-facebook friends to be able to see them....welcome Kristina and Annette:)

Parent Watch Week

I got to watch Emma's dance classes last week. On Monday, I went and watched Jazz and Ballet. We even danced with them! The kids loved us being there. I don't have any pictures because the might hunters had my camera, but believe me when I say it was precious...all those girls in tutus and fluff!
Wednesday, I went to watch her at tumbling. Mom and Colby went too. You would have thought Colby was being tortured. I reminded him of all the times Emma goes to his practices and games.
This first picture is of them warming up. Emma is in the leotard and tights. Miss Melody is in the front. She does everything she asks of the girls. She has legs of steel!
Doing a headstand. Emma is very good at this.

Bridge Ups...something she also loves.
I loved learning what she is doing, so I know how to help her. I also loved watching her do something she loves. She is so happy and feels like a star all the time. Can't wait for recital time!
Thanks Mom for coming along!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trick or Treat

I got my camera late in the evening because it was with the mighty hunters. Emma was a zebra/cat and Colby was a scarecrow/hunter:) He had fun carving the pumpkin with my dad and Emma was in 7th heaven! We also ran into a cute pirate and sweet pumpkin....