Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

These are once again out of order, but here it goes. Thursday we had our school party because there was no school on Friday. The first grade teachers dressed as crayons. Here we are with our might sharpener, Mrs. Garret...her student teacher Ms. Roulette, and Amee, Laci, and I.

and just the 3 of us.
Emma as an indian and her friend Taylor Swift (Sylvia)
my little indian...and her outfit she put together herself:)
This is at our trunk or treat. The theme was community characters. Emma was a vet.
Dr. Veatch and lineman Colby.
Nurse Natalee and Fireman Xavier.
and may WAAAAAY too grown up lineman, one more time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Sister Kind of Thing

Lauren's sorority recently hosted a girl's weekend. It's main focus was sisters and mothers. Jenn and I loaded up our precious girls and headed over there on Saturday. My pictures got out of order, but I will recap the weekend for you!

There were lots of photo opportunities. We had lots and lots of fun. Jenn and I neither one lived in a dorm, so it was fun to experience the college life with communal bathrooms and the c.p.:)
In the afternoon, we painted pumpkins, played games, and Emma showed off her gymnastic abilities. Here she is patiently watching as Lauren and LeAnn do their best to do a duo never happened.
Playing duck, duck, goose. Emma is a fast little thing.

Playing Little Sally Sigma...Emma had played this before and really got into it.

Lunch at Hardees...Natalee and Emma ate at the "girls" table!

A trip to Lowe's was super fun. We also went to Hobby lobby, Ben Franklin, and Jo Ann's.

We did some pumpkin painting. Emma and Natalee shared a was a little hit and miss for awhile, but Natalee soon learned to only paint on the back of the pumpkin.
I am so glad we had the opportunity to visit Lauren and share in her college life. It was fun to meet her friends and spend a weekend with her. It was also great for Emma to have some girl time. She even got to sleep in Lauren's bunk! Jenn and I shared another room downstairs...a highlight for sure.
I am also thankful that I have sisters. What would my life be like without them!? Just think if everyone had the "perfect" family of one boy, one girl, a dog, and a picket fence...there would be no sisters. What a sad, sad world that would be. Thanks for the fun weekend Lauren and Jenn!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Bench

I made a bench! (with Vance's help) That darn table irritates me! Anyway, he cut this nice board for's the seat.
These legs are from a yardsale that my sisters bought for me....boy they love me, huh?!
This is the "skirting"...I don't know?! It sounds right! Anyway, it's to led support to the legs.
This is where I begin sucking at this tutorial! I layered 3 pieces of foam and 2 layers of quilting batting on the plywood and stapled it underneath. Then I put the skirt/box thing on. We use a kreg thingy to put the screws in so you can't see them.
Then, we (Vance) screwed in the legs. I drilled the holes!! I also screwed the legs to the skirt so that someone over the weight of 20lbs can sit on it.
I heart this! Now I need a rug to match better.
Happy shoe tying to anyone who comes over!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Set Up

Vance went on vacation and I moved some things around in the garage. I did my best to make these crates to hang all over the wall in the garage and had big plans of having a different crate for each season/sport. Well, the crates were to be made out of pallets and pallets are hard, HARD to get a part. I worked for 5 hours on the first one, had a blood blister, and was wasn't pretty. My garage was a disaster and there was no one here to bail me out. After some googling, I discovered that pallets pretty much can't be taken a part with a crowbar and hammer...cue the power tools. 20 minutes with a sawzall saw the end to a pallet. I made 3 crates...none of them are square and if hung on the wall, might make you feel like you've been drinking. I ended up stacking them and still like them fine.
Colby and I carried up a potting bench from a great lady. It's now kind of a work bench, but this spring will become a potting bench again.
I pretty much love having my own work area, with a peg board:) I will post my bench when it's all finished!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Who about fell off of their seat when they saw my blog at the top of the blog roll? Yeah, me too! I always think I'm going to update, but the thought of getting my camera hooked to the computer and uploading pictures exhausts me. I know, I know....sounds pitiful doesn't it? I'd rather be spray painting:)
So here's some things I've been up to.

I bought this nightstand and am updating it. The top is having some problems and is waiting for a trip to Wal-Mart for a new can of spray paint. I'm super excited to put it in my bedroom! I'm loving spray paint right now!
Vance and I made this barn door shelf last night. I'm going to hang it at the bottom of the stairs...more pictures to follow!
I just like this:) The platter thing is from pampered chef and the pumpkins are from Michael's.
I bought this cheese plate thing with the dome at Scrapper's Den and put it on the candle stick with the round stand under neath. I HEART it!
This is my front porch at night! My mums are GoRgEoUs!! I will take more pictures in the daylight. I'm in love with this ladder that I'm slowly decorating. I need real pumpkins, but am too cheap to go buy them!
This is a pumpkin I made out of scrap wire of Vance's and then I spray painted it.
And a wreath made from of one of Vance's ropes. It makes me smile.
I've decided to try to pedal some of my crafts at the Lancaster craft show, so I'm slowly stockpiling my supply. I love these little picture frames and so far have 5 to sell!
Last but not least is a little tray I painted with chalkboard paint and put on a plate holder. I think it would be fun to add little messages to.
Hopefully, you won't have to wait 3 months for the next update!