Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

from The Fredericks...
more pictures to come!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dice Divas celebrate Christmas and an early present ....

On Tuesday, 16 Dice Divas got together for our first annual Christmas Bunco Bash. We had all drawn names to secretly buy someone else a gift. We had a wonderful traditional Christmas supper and then started exchanging gifts. Here we are with most of us wearing our new shirts.!

Eagerly waiting to pass out presents!
This is my gift from Shelly! I love it!

I got Tiffany a wallflower and bling, bling bracelets.

We played a couple rounds of Bunco and then headed home. We are all looking forward to a great Bunco 2010. It's such a great way to enjoy a night of girl company.
After a short bout with the flu this morning, Colby was feeling fine this evening. This afternoon Emma and Colby exchanged the gifts they had bought each other.

Colby got a Lego accessory kit.

Emma got the operation game.
Tomorrow we're off to Vance's parents for Christmas. It's just his brothers and nieces and nephews but that still equals 20 people. We'll be missing Lori and Ryan this year, they are in China. I'm excited to see faces when we exchange gifts there! I've made kuchen (with mom), a cheese ball, and fudge jumbles to take along. Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breakfast with the Royal Family

Levi came to stay for the day so I could take him to Breakfast with the Royal Family. We took a few shots in front of the tree.
Then we blasted off to the moon. 3,2,1....


Playing with trains while we waited to start.

The Royal Family...Erin and Trenton Tallman.
Levi is still eating...he liked the panpakes, not the sausage.

Emma and Sylvia listening intently.

Holding (or tolerating) Baby Jesus.
We're home now and Levi is really enjoying playing with all of Colby's BIG BOY toys. I'm trying to decide when to fix lunch, since we had breakfast at 9:45.....

Monday, December 21, 2009

A House and Date Night!

Today, we. did. nothing. What a way to start Christmas Break 09! Then Lorn Lorn came and helped the kids make a gingerbread house. They had fun and it turned out cute.

Are you sure this is right?
Very serious about their decorating.

Not so serious...

Finished product!

Also tonight was our school's Christmas party. We haven't had one in a few years. It was lots of fun and great food. I was really glad I went. Lauren watched our kids and took a couple of pictures.
I love our tree:)

A close up! Thanks Lauren!


On Sunday, we celebrated my sister's birthdays. Jenn turned 24 on the 15th and Lauren turned 19 on the 19th. My mom's tradition is to pick out the meal and the dessert. Since they did their lunch together...they had to share...HA! I don't:)...but I've shared my birthday lunch with MANY graduations...

A sweet picture of the grandkids in their Christmas best.

Just my two:)

A furry jacket for Lorn Lorn.

and Muk Luks...
Then everyone went their separate ways and my mom and I spent the afternoon making kuchen. It is so yummy...if only you knew!
Natalee agrees!
My mom bought a Wii for herself and we put it up and then Jenn let my kids open a gift since it was Wii games. Colby was ecstatic Star Wars Lego (or whatever it's called).

Natalee of course got to open a gift too...somersaulting Curious George. Good times.
Emma's game was a Vet game....kind of strange, kind of gross, kind of difficult, all rolled into one.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The first Christmas, Parties, and Programs!

This post is completely out of order b/c I uploaded my pics backward and am too lazy to drag them all to their appropriate spots. Deal with it:)

Today we went to Grandma Joan's for the BIG Frederick Christmas. It's BIG in an itty, bitty house! If I counted correctly there are 23 great-grandkids and the oldest is 10 and the youngest is 18 months. The chaos that takes over is indescribable, but the kids all enjoy it.
Emma and Grandma Joyce discussing jewelry.

Emma got some dolls, a CUTE dress, and hair accessories.
Colby got an AWESOME nerf gun!
He's imagining what it's going to be like!
Right before we start unwrapping...wall-to-wall kids!

Sweet cousins!
Rewind to the Christmas parties at school. Thanks Lauren and Grandma Cindy for coming. This year with my class....I just can't pop over or B.A.D. things would happen.

Emma and two bestest friends. Haley on the left was born on the same day as Emma and Sylvia on the right is 3 weeks younger. They all three went to Judy's together.
Colby's bestest friend, Remington and the walkie-talkies he received.
Thursday night was the annual Christmas program at school. 'Nuff said!
Gotta love the pained expressions on their faces.
Emma and Sylvia playing the bells.
Colby is really into the moment!

Tomorrow we celebrate both of my sister's birthdays. Jenn turned 24 on Tuesday and Lauren turned 19 today. We're having lunch and presents at mom's after church.
Monday is the school party in Queen City.
Tuesday is Breakfast with the Royal Family at the church (you really should come check it out)! I'm bringing excited!
Tuesday night is BUNCO!!!
I'm loving Christmas Break already.