Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, I can't find pictures from our first 2 Christmases (is that a word?) so I'll just recap it. On Saturday, the 18th, we went to Vance' grandma's for the big Frederick Christmas. This year the kids did a grab bag. Colby got monster trucks and Emma got barbies. I'm not going to lie to you...grab bags stress me out. I start thinking about one particular child who could receive that gift and would he/she like it. Anyway, Emma gave a crayon maker and Colby gave a Crayola dry erase travel kit. Both presents were well received!
Sunday, we went to my grandma and grandpa's. It seems that our gatherings are getting is that possible? My grandpa gives us all $ to do our own shopping b/c he has 20+ grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Colby got U-Build it Connect 4 and Sorry. The Sorry game is 2 thumbs down! Emma got the princess zhu zhu ballroom and some zhu zhus to go with it. After that let Christmas vacation begin!
Monday began with Vance coming home with the flu:( Tuesday we were all suppose to head to Columbia for some fun and a little shopping. Colby woke up with the flu:( We kind of x'd the Colby wouldn't feel left out and headed to do our shopping anyway. Natalee ended up coming down with the flu at the mall....double :( and mom and I stayed behind to finish up. I got all of Emma's birthday finished!! Just head to Michaels and buy one of everything!
Wednesday, I degermed and Colby and Vance continued to recooperate.
Thursday, both kids had a friend over! and played ALL. DAY!
Friday, we headed to Vance's mom and dads for our little Frederick Christmas (18 people)! Here are a few pictures!
Lori and Ryan got up at 4a.m. to skype with us from China.

Lori had Colby's name and got him a fishing vest, legos, a hat, and windpants.
Grandma Joyce got Colby sheep and hogs for his farm, jeans, and a Boy's Adventure Book!
Aunt Dana had Emma's name and she got a pottery wheel!
I had Sorrel's name and got her a Barbie pool:)
Vance giving Lori a tour. It was snowing so pretty that day.
Emma got moon dough from Grandma Joyce. She made LOTS of puppies.
Pretty, pretty snow!
That evening we came home and Vance opened his gift from me. A hose reel for his air compressor. He let me pick out blinds as my gift. This excites me!
We also let the kids open a gift. Colby opened a Wii game that I kept telling him was a typing tutorial game...he was very excited!
Emma opened her guitar...she loves it.
Right before bed in their new jammies.
Christmas morning.
Colby's gift from Santa is his coon light. His dad also made him a gorgeous oak desk so he has a quiet place to do his homework. He also received a video rocker chair, USA puzzle, sweatshirt, laser for his b.b. gun, robe, and jammies.

Emma's gift from Santa was a digital camera. She also received the princess zhu zhu castle, jammies, a tape dispenser, robe, and wii game.
These are the prints that Santa's reindeer left on our porch. They also made a huge mess out of the carrots!

Checking out the footprints.
Mid morning we headed to my mom's for Christmas. I can't imagine not being with my mom and dad on Christmas day. What a huge sacrifice Vance makes my letting us go there!

Vance made Natalee a thimble cabinet for Christmas. Jenn started her collection when she was first born. Isn't she sweet with her hand on his shoulder?
I got Lauren new shoes with fur inside!
Lance is going to being student teaching and what good teacher doesn't have a super pointer?! Especially with a bonus pen!
Vance got the amish play set:)
Let the baking begin!
Colby's long awaited big boy bible! It has his initials on the front and has a horse theme!
Vance made my mom a shot glass cabinet. I can't wait til she hangs it....I think it'll look pretty cool.
Vance also received an army sleeping bag and a cot for his big trips to Eminence.
Natalee got a dollhouse and I think we all took a turn playing with her.
Colby got a Wii hunting game. That thing is slightly scary, but also entertaining.
Her first cooking adventure.
There are no pictures, but I got a under the cabinet radio/cd player, pillows for my couch, pedestal mirror for my bathroom, collage picture frame, and oval/red crockpot.
We spent the entire day there and had lots of fun just hanging out.
On Sunday, we took advantage of the nice day and lots of snow and went sledding. After many times down the hill on good old fashion sleds, Uncle Henry hooked his truck to a car hood. Emma chose to ride IN the truck:)
Here she is zooming down the hill.
The first pile of people is the car hood and then the second is the sled tied TO the car hood.
On Monday, the fog had froze to the trees and it was a gorgeous winter wonderland.

p.s. Here is a picture of my sweetheart at her Christmas program at school.
As you can see, we are rich in our blessings and knee deep in love. Who could ask for anything more?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you want more?

We are very blessed by new neices, nephews, and special friends year round. It seems that there isn't a small child to hold wherever we go. It also seems that with the cuddling and loving, the inevitable question comes up, "Do you want more?" Our answer....ALWAYS...Nope:) We are quite content with our two. Not because we have "one of each," but because it was right for our family. We love the age span of these two, and couldn't imagine having kids any farther apart. Does that make us want to do it again? NO!

I, however, would like to have those years back.....
to cherish a little longer....
to understand just how quickly they would speed by...
to embrace the innocence...
and the sweetness....
I wish I would have blogged back then.
To record EVERY story...
and lovely smile!
To remember when they just wanted to be big!
and now they are:(
and will only grow older....
and yes, I love seeing the glimpses of young people they are becoming....
but oh how I wish I could rewind every so often....
and remember those days in Lollipop Lions....
and how important the 100th day of school was....
and that EVEN if she didn't catch a fish all. day...the memories are what made it a great day!
Hold those memories tight and cherish every moment!