Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have this little spot in my bathroom that I need something cute for....I'm thinking of the letters to spell ahhhhhh.
Not awwwww, how cute.
But ahhhhhh...just what i needed.
Anybody else have any ideas?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was tagged by Bree to blog about my morning routine. Here it goes...

My morning routine actually starts at night. I am so lazy and grumpy and my hair is SOOOO thick, that I could never wash and dry it in the morning. I take my showers at night. I love pantene shampoo/conditioner.

My new favorite body wash, but I switch it around too.

A new tingles:)

Then I totally engulf myself with lotion...I'm addicted!

In the morning, I wake up after hitting the snooze about 3 times:) I stumble into the hallway and make sure both kids are up and moving...they both get up about 5 mins. before me! I head to the bathroom to start my routine and no one better get in my way!

Every morning I wash my face with's what my mom used. Some habits die hard!

Then I wake myself up by putting in my contacts. I like the way I look in glasses but I never feel completely glasses induce naps.

I am a neurotic toothbrusher.

I've just started using this hairspray. I'm happy with it. I would like to try some other kinds, but I'm afraid that I'll like it and then I'll have to pay lots of hairspray every month!

I rarely use a blowdryer, but I love my curling iron!
Around this time Emma wanders in for a ponytail and Colby darts in for me to check his clothes....then he heads back downstairs b/c I won't let him wear a collared shirt with windpants!
Make up routine is pretty minimal. Keep in mind the whole time I'm getting dressed, my kids had better be too. By the time I'm at the make up part of my morning ritual my kids had better be on their way to the van!

I LOVe japanese cherry blossom body splash....think I've got enough?

The blue bottle is a perfume I used to buy from my hair dresser...I love it! The small bottle is Fire and Ice a much loved perfume from high school that I still wear.

Now that I'm lookin and smellin pretty good, I head into the kitchen for a cup of tea to-go and a quick peek at.....

yep, fb! By this time, my kids had better BE. IN. THE. VAN! If not, crap hits the fan and fast!!!

When I roll into work, I head directly for the pop machine to fill my cup with an ice cold pepsi and ice! How's that for coffee...then I drink water for the rest of the day.
I tag Jenn @ The Journey and Corin @ Out of my Mind.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pretty girls

This dress is the one Emma wore for Jenn's wedding. She was 18 months old in the wedding and right around that age for the pictures. I finally dug it out for Miss Natalee. Natalee is 15 months old for these pictures.

Isn't it precious?!
Emma was less than pleased for these pictures, but you can hardly tell. Look at those chubby cheeks and ALL. THAT. HAIR! It makes my heart hurt to see how big she's grown...I sure do miss that sweet little girl!

Here is a comparison of the two of them standing, but it's hard to tell b/c you can't see Natalee's feet.
Notice Emma's hair...I did it 18mths of age. She now hates the curling iron...and bobby pins...and not so crazy about hairspray. What a fun day! Mr. Colby is looking pretty dashing also and super happy that his sister is kissing him! I look back on how little my kids were and feel very grateful that they did such a great job that day! WOW!

Monday, February 22, 2010

what's new with me?

Why have I not been bloggin?
Who knows.
I'm just not in the mood.
I check fb once and awhile, but other than that I'm not over at the computer much.
We've been playing a lot of Mario Bros. with Colby after supper in the evening.
I've also been burning through books, one a night it seems.
Colby wanted to know if I was trying to break a record.
I've also been trying to introduce my kiddos to the Olympics, I want them to understand what it means when they're older. We watched curling tonight.
I am so sick of cooking....part of it is all the snow days makes for a lot of cooking for me. I'm out of ideas, scared to try new things, and sick of how much groceries cost.
Is anyone else noticing?
It scares me!
I can easily spend over $100 at Aldi's now and before I would have to buy A LOT to spend $70.00. It's crazy.
I don't know how people that buy name brand and organic are doing it.
Emma is still dancing and still loves it. I have ordered her costumes for her spring dance recital and SOOO excited! She has also learned how to do her own hair...sCaRy!
I'm trying to let go of my OCD and let her do it herself, but I know I'll still have to do it for school and such.
Colby is ready for spring. He's ready to be outside, ride his horse, hang out at the roping pen, etc. He is also signing up for summer ball. I can't wait to get out and play catch with him.
We have drifts at our house about 5 ft. tall. Vance bladed the drive for over an hr. this morning and for 2 hours tonight. I hope it doesn't drift back shut over night. I can't believe all of this snow. Never has it been this much for such a long period of time.
I am slowly decorating some bare walls in the house. Going shopping with Corin on Saturday. I wish I lived closer to some bigger stores to hit now and then and not feel like I have to buy SO much at once. It would be nice to just enjoy the sales.
I am ready for this school year to be over. I think we have slowly found a rhythm, but everyday is still an exhausting adventure. I am proud of my class, I get good reports from most specials teachers...where the same class last year DID NOT! I hope they continue to act this way next year also.
I cannot believe that next year I will be the mom of a 3rd grader and 1st grader! Can you believe it?! Insane how quickly time flies....
Good Night Friend...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

pot rack

I'm so happy with it. I think my husband had an ulterior motive to hang it and that was putting his dead animals up there, but it looks really cool and goes with our house. All of my pots fit on there plus there are extra hooks for fun decorative stuff as I find it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

what do you think???

an alternative to hanging quilts???