Wednesday, January 25, 2012 new love!

I've been having lots of fun with my new silhouette, here are some things I've created.
A roping sign for a truck or trailer.
I detailed my friend's sewing machine but can only find the picture of the front side.
A family sign for a beautiful lady!
I also blinged out my silhouette!
Through a jungle themed baby shower.

Made some super awesome soap dispensers!
Custom sign for my dad's truck.
Last name in floating frames.
I was hired to decorate my principal's door.
And add a welcome sign to our school.
Made for a little girl's bedroom.
I labeled my canisters.
For a special hunter!
I love this saying!
and a pallet shelf!!
this is where i charge my drill :)
Projects waiting to finish.....
for my bathroom
for emma's bff :)

custom order.

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Corin said...

I used my sewing machine last night for the first time since we blinged it out. I must say it really adds something to the sewing experience to have such an awesome machine. Thanks Again!