Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Build a Bear!

Aunt Lauren gave the kids gift certificates to build a bear for Christmas. We went during our break. They had a great time picking out which one they would stuff.
Emma got a heart that really beats...that's her favorite part.
Colby's bear is 'manly.'
air baths!!
making a birth certificate.
All finished. Emma had quite a time picking an outfit. She wanted it to be indian-like. She ended up getting a jedi costume. Colby went all the way army.
The mall was pretty fun too!

Cold Stone Creamery afterward:)

Thanks Aunt Lauren!!


Corin said...

I'm pretty sure if we went to Build-a-bear I would be way more into it then the kids would.

Anonymous said...

This was so fun! I am glad we didn't wait another year to go for Colby's sake. I am a lucky Aunt :)